Customer Success Story – Citrix Online

“I’ve looked for products that make building models easy to do, and never had much luck until I discovered Quantrix.”

– Bryan Babineau, Senior Financial Planning Manager

Citrix Online, the software-as-a-service company known for its GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToMyPC products, uses detailed revenue models to forecast its e-commerce and corporate businesses. Finding software that made it easy for the financial department to develop these models boosted productivity, but the real benefit for the company was the improved accuracy it achieved.

“We originally built the models in Excel, but found that because of the thousands of formulas, cells, and references, they quickly became difficult to maintain,” says Bryan Babineau, Senior Financial Planning Manager, Citrix Systems. “Then I found Quantrix Modeler.”

Quantrix Modeler incorporates a unique approach that separates the logic of a model from the structure, which allows users to create and use formulas outside the confines of the cell. Formulas are expressed in words rather than by cell coordinates so they are easy to understand, trace, and audit. Users can make changes, incorporate new dimensions, and view multiple scenarios dynamically without redesigning or reworking their model. The software’s unique architecture enabled Citrix to improve its accuracy over models developed with traditional spreadsheet software.

Babineau discovered that he was able to quickly and easily build models within Quantrix Modeler that are easy to maintain, correctly reflect Citrix’ past performance, and are accurate. “I’ve looked for products that make building models easy to do, and never had much luck until I discovered Quantrix. Quantrix is great for rapid prototyping,” says Babineau.

Babineau states that he was able to learn the software very quickly, as well as grasp the modeling possibilities. The software’s structure also makes it easy for him to share models with others. Because formulas are spelled out in plain English in a section adjacent to the data-entry area rather than being embedded within a cell, it’s easy for others to understand the intent and purpose of a Quantrix Model. “When we bring new people on board, they can understand our Quantrix models quickly,” says Babineau.

“An Excel model takes on a life of its own, and requires constant tweaking to remain viable. It often is easier to start over,” says Babineau. “With Quantrix, we have the same model we started with, it takes less time to maintain, and because it uses an order of magnitude fewer formulas and cells, it is more accurate.”

Babineau’s team at Citrix knew that the more formulas in a spreadsheet, the harder it is to be confident in the data. “The risk of error really increases. We looked at it from that perspective,” says Babineau. “In Quantrix Modeler, it takes less time to maintain the models, and they are more accurate – there’s less chance for making mistakes. “We use these revenue models to forecast our business. We need to feel confident in our numbers,” says Babineau. “Quantrix is a great tool, and we trust it for forecasting.”

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