String rw backgroundColor

The background color of the receiver in hex format (e.g. blue would be "#0000FF").

SNamedAddList<Category> ro categories

The list of all categories in the matrix referenced by this view.

SNamedAddList<Category> ro columnTrayCategories

The list of categories in the column tray.

Item wo filterItem

If item belongs to a category that is in the filter tray, sets the filter item for that category to item.

SNamedAddList<Category> ro filterTrayCategories

The list of filter tray categories.

boolean rw fontBold

True if font is bold.

String rw fontFace

The font family name.

boolean rw fontItalic

True if font is italic.

float rw fontSize

The point size of the font.

boolean rw fontStrikethrough

True if font is strikethrough.

boolean rw fontUnderline

True if font is underlined.

String rw foregroundColor

The foreground color of the receiver in hex format (e.g. blue would be "#0000FF").

boolean rw hideCategoryTiles

True if category tiles are currently hidden for this view.

boolean rw hideCollapsedItems

True if this view is currently set to hide collapsed items.

boolean rw hideEmptyColumns

True if this view is currently set to hide empty columns.

boolean rw hideEmptyRows

True if this view is currently set to hide empty rows.

Matrix ro matrix

The matrix on which this view is based.

Model ro model

The model that owns this view.

String rw name

The name of this object.

SNamedAddList<Category> ro rowTrayCategories

The list of categories in the row tray.

boolean rw showInputCells

True if input cells are currently shown for this view.

Object rw value

When getting, returns the first value this object contains. When setting, sets all values in this object to the one given.

List<Object> ro values

The list of values this object contains.

void bringToFront()

Brings this view to the foreground, making it visible if it is not already.

boolean canDelete()

True if this view can be deleted.

boolean canSetName()

True if this object's name can be set.

void close()

Closes this view.

Chart createChart()

Creates a new chart based on this view.

MatrixView createMatrixView()

Creates a new matrix view based on this view.

void delete()

Deletes this view.

void expandAll()

Expands all items in this view.

Item getFilterItem(Category forCategory)

If forCategory is in the filter tray, returns its currently selected filter item.


Object getSelection(String selectionString)

Returns the selection defined by selectionString.


Object getSelection(Object... objects)

Returns a GroupOrItemSelection based on the input parameters. Valid inputs are: String, a range of 2 items, or a series of items.