String rw backgroundColor

The background color of the receiver in hex format (e.g. blue would be "#0000FF").

boolean ro category

True if this object is a category.

GroupOrItemCreateList ro children

The list of this object's immediate children (not recursive).

boolean rw fontBold

True if font is bold.

String rw fontFace

The font family name.

boolean rw fontItalic

True if font is italic.

float rw fontSize

The point size of the font.

boolean rw fontStrikethrough

True if font is strikethrough.

boolean rw fontUnderline

True if font is underlined.

String rw foregroundColor

The foreground color of the receiver in hex format (e.g. blue would be "#0000FF").

String rw horizontalAlignment

The horizontal alignment of the receiver - one of "Left", "Right", "Center", or "Automatic".

List<String> ro itemDescriptors

The list of item descriptors in this category, whether visible or not.

SNamedList<Item> ro items

The list of all items beneath this object. Does not include groups.

SNamedList<Matrix> ro matrices

The list of all matrices (visible to the current user) that contain this category.

String rw name

The name of this object.

Object rw value

When getting, returns the first value this object contains. When setting, sets all values in this object to the one given.

List<Object> ro values

The list of values this object contains.

String rw verticalAlignment

The vertical alignment of the receiver - one of "Top", "Bottom", or "Middle".

Set<String> ro visibleItemDescriptors

The set of all visible item descriptors in this category.

boolean canDelete()

True if this object can be deleted.

boolean canSetName()

True if this object's name can be set.

void delete()

Deletes this object and its children, if any.

void replace(List<String> names)

Remove all the groups and items along this category (clearing any data in any matrices that reference it) and replace them with new items named as per names.

If names contains duplicates, numbers will be appended to differentiate the names.

A category must have at least one item, so names must not be null or empty.


Category unlink()

If the category is linked to other matrices, it replaces this category with a new one that is not linked to any other matrices and returns it. It returns this category otherwise.