Sharing Models using Groups (Enterprise)

Provided the administrator has set up groups and the sharing setting allows users to search for any user on the site, users can easily share with multiple users using groups.

The share dialog includes a visual cue that you can use groups (it says 'user, group, or email address') indicating that you can enter the name of a group as well as of a user:


When you begin entering characters to search on in the share dialog, groups, if present, are indicated by the Group icon as shown below:

After selecting a group for sharing, you can add more groups or individual users and use the share dialog options to suit:


If you click on a Group icon in the share dialog, you can see the members of the group:


Group users who have a model(s) shared with them via the group cannot delete the model from their models list.

Users who share models using groups consume a user share for each user in the group with whom they have not shared before. User shares is determined by the Admin > Settings > Qloud > Max Users entry.


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