Understanding the Qloud Models Page

As a Qloud user who publishes models to the Qloud, you can log in to the Qloud and see models you have published and models that have been shared with you. Some of the things you can do, provided you have a role with adequate permissions, include:

    • use Filter Models to search the models in the models list

    • sort the models in the models list in ascending or descending order by Name, Date Added to Qloud, File Size of the model, Last Modified date or Recently Accessed (the default sort is by recently accessed)

    • display details about any model by clicking the ellipsis button on the right

    • open models by clicking on the model name in the list

    • download models by version or revert to a version

    • delete a model from the model server if you are the model owner; if the model was shared with you, delete removes the model from your model list

    • Enterprise Qloud users cannot delete a model from the server that was shared with them using a group or by template access: the delete icon will be grayed out

    • copy a model link for use as a DataLink or Data Import source, and/or update DataLink

    • invite users to view models

Qloud Models Page: Models List

The Qloud toolbar includes a Quantrix icon to the left that reloads the Models page from either the Models or Account pages.  If you are a Qloud Enterprise user and your Qloud has been customized, you may see a different icon, and you may see additional tabs next to the Models tab.

The right side of the Qloud toolbar has a Home button that brings you to, or refreshes, the Models page. The toolbar also includes a Help icon, and your user initials or (or image, if you have uploaded one). If you click your user initials or image, the Account and Log Out options show. The example below is a Qloud Enterprise Models page showing an Admin user and the sort options:


Name - The name given to the model in the Modeler Qloud Publishing wizard (you can change the name within Details using the ellipsis icon, by clicking the edit Pencil icon that displays next to the name) provided the model naming rules a not violated:

Note: below are model naming rules:

  • models for the same owner cannot have identical names (if Qloud detects this scenario it appends qualifying characters, for example it might append (1) to the end of one of the model names to differentiate them)
  • a model published to a different model on Qloud results in it having unique name in Qloud
  • two different users can use the same model name
  • you may see identical model names in your models list if multiple users have shared same-named models with you  

Share Model - Click the Share model icon,  to open the Share Models page, where you can add users with whom to share, or in Public Qloud to Add Users to invite, and/or make the model Public. Enterprise Qloud needs to be configured to Enable Public Model Access in order to make models public.

Details - Click the ellipsis icon, ,  to open the Model Details section.


Using Refresh, Filter & Sort on Models List


There are three ways to refresh the Models List:

  • Click the icon (Qloud icon or custom icon if you have one) at the top-left of the Models List and other Qloud pages

  • Click the Refresh icon next to the Sort field on the Models List

  • Click the Home link in the upper right of the page.

Filter (Models List)

Use filter to quickly find the model or models you want to work with.

Enter any text unique to the model name you are looking for, and models that match are listed. For example, if two out of many models in the list have the text "March" in the model name and you enter "march" in the filter box, only those two models display in the list. The illustration below shows the results after entering "export" in the filter field.


If you select a sort option, or leave the default sort by Recently Accessed, and then you enter a search value in the filter field, it lists any matches on the value you entered, within the sort selection, at the top.

To return to the full list of models, clear the filter field and click Refresh.  

Although the models list on the Home page refreshes dynamically based on the search text you enter, it searches only the list of models as of when you logged in to your account. To refresh the models list with any new models or new versions of models that may have been published or shared since logging in to the Qloud, click the Refresh icon. 


The Models list defaults to a sort by Recently Accessed.

To change the type of sort from the default (to sort by Name, Date Added, File Size, Last Modified) or to change the sort order (ascending/descending), choose the desired sort and sort direction you want. 


Recently Accessed Sort Rules

Recently Accessed means you have checked out or checked in the model, or have initially published it, or have opened it (and possibly closed it after opening) on the Qloud.  
Opening a model on the Qloud moves it to the top of the current user's list.

Receiving a shared model does not move the model to the top of the list: it appears below all of the recently accessed models. The most recently shared model appears above other shared models that haven't been accessed yet.

A scenario that illustrates the difference between Recently Accessed and Last Modified:
The current user could have a model that hasn't changed in terms of being saved/tagged, and whereas the Last Modified sort option might send that model to the bottom of the list, the Recently Accessed sort option would place it at the top of the list if it has been checked out by the current user (irrespective of having made no changes to it other than the check-out).

Check-in (which is saves and creates a version) would put the model at the top of both the Last Modified and the Recently Accessed sorts.  

Last Modified Sort Rules

Saving a model via a tag, auto-save or an action that saves or creates a version brings the model to the top of the models list if Last Modified is in use.

If a model is shared with you it will appear in your models list based on where its last modification should place it. Note that the shared model won't necessarily appear near the top of the models list if it hasn't been modified for a long time.

If a model is shared with you, and someone else saves that model, the model moves to the top of your models list to reflect the changed Last Modified date.


Other Sort Rules

If you sort by file size, only models owned by you show the model's actual file size although any models shared with you appear in the list in the appropriate file size order.

Sort arrow

  • Each click on the sort arrow toggles the sort direction (the arrow icon changes direction to reflect the change)

To remove a sort and return to the default sort, refresh the browser.


  • You can enter filter criteria and then choose what to sort on and in what order

  • You can choose sort criteria and then enter a filter: if you then clear the filter, the list returns to the sort you chose

Models & Templates List Icons and Details