How to Use Help

Basics of Using Quantrix Help

You can display Quantrix Qloud Help by clicking the Help button from a Quantrix Qloud toolbar.

When you click Help in the Help drop-down menu, you are either brought directly into help, or you are brought to the Quantrix web site where you can load help for all Quantrix products:

When you click About from the Help drop-down from Qloud, the About page displays. This page displays the Qloud version, and has links to the Qloud/Modeler Compatibility page, and to the Open Source Recognition page showing the open source components and credits. 

When you load the help, if you don't see the Table of Contents, you can show it by clicking the Expand icon as shown below:

Depending on what you are looking for, you may be best served by using a combination of the help's search and table of contents.  

The Search feature includes auto-correct and predictive elements.  If too many results are returned, try using quotes to restrict results. Search returns the first 20 results.

To search within a help topic, use Ctrl, F.

Send Feedback

If you can't find what you're looking for, please click the Share icon > Email, and send an email to We may have overlooked something. We want to hear from you if you search and don't find what you're looking for, so please send us an email, and please include the search term(s) you used that failed to return results.

We need your input as to what we missed, and it is only with your generous help that we can improve it.

Note that you can use the email icon to email a colleague: simply replace the addressee.

Use Search, Favorites and Share Options


  • Click the magnifying glass icon to open the Search box; up to 20 search results display in a panel and you can click to display them. After you've viewed a topic from the results list, you can re-display the results list by clicking back, and then click the magnifying glass again: your results list displays again showing the term on which you searched
  • To mark a topic as a Favorite, click the Favorite icon and the topic is added to the Favorites list that is stored in and accessible from the top level of the help
  • To easily print a help topic, click the Printer icon and print to pdf or to a printer
  • If your search terms appear highlighted when you view it, you can remove the highlighting by clicking the Highlighter icon
  • To Share a help topic via email, click the Share icon 
  • To Show or Hide the table of contents, click the icon at the top to Show or Hide the left panel

Example of Using Help

 Let's say you want to learn about Canvases on the Qloud.  

Using the magnifying glass icon to open the Search box, enter 'canvas' without quotes, and press ENTER.  Topics containing the term appear.

Click on a result to open the topic. Depending on how your browser is set, each occurrence of the search term may be highlighted but you can clear highlighting by clicking the Highlighter icon.

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