Using the Launch Panel

When you load Quantrix, the Quantrix launch panel displays unless it has been turned off:


The Launch Panel gives you many options:

If you click Update, there is a newer version of  Quantrix Modeler available, a dialog box shows you your current version and the new version, and includes a link called Show Comments, to show a brief description of what the update contains. You can browse to select a download folder, or cancel or continue with the Update.

The Show Comments dialog includes a link to the Release Notes:

Version Information

When you want to check the version of Quantrix you are using, look on the left side of the Launch Panel under the text "Quantrix Modeler".

If the launch panel is closed, use  Help > About on the Quantrix Modeler toolbar to check the version.


Click Browse to choose what you want to browse. A panel displays these options from which to choose:

Most Recently Opened Models List

Your most recently opened models show beneath the Browse link.

You can specify the number of recently opened models to display using Options > File > Recently opened files.


Use Options to establish or change many Quantrix-specific settings. Options are accessible from the Launch Panel by clicking the Options gear icon, and from any model using Tools > Options (on MAC, open the top level Preferences for Quantrix Modeler).

Creating New Models & Using Templates

A note about templates: Quantrix uses the concept of templates in several areas:

Model Templates, as described in this section

Chart Templates, used to easily apply saved visual chart settings to other charts

Models published as template models to Qloud (Enterprise Qloud users only)

When you install Quantrix, you can create a new, empty model.  You can establish your own default model template (.modelt) model to use within Templates if desired: see Managing Model Files for details about opening template files and saving models as template files.

Quantrix installs model template files that you can create models with, and you can also edit and save model template files. To open a template file to base a model on, just click anywhere in  the box of the template to use: a model based on the selected template opens, titled Untitled.

To open a template file that you want to edit and save as a changed or new template file, click on the edit pencil:

Below is a list of model template files that may be installed:

Balance Sheet.modelt


Business Planning.modelt

Canvas Entry.modelt

Financial Ratio Analysis.modelt

Financial Statements.modelt

Recursion Examples.modelt




Signing in to Qloud

To Log In to Qloud using your Qloud credentials, click the Sign in to Qloud link in the upper right of the Launch Panel.

If you select the option to Log in automatically, Quantrix logs you in to the Qloud each time you load Quantrix Modeler, so that you can use any of the modeler Qloud menu options without having to log in to Qloud after choosing a Qloud menu option.

Once you sign in to Qloud on the Launch Panel (by entering your Log In credentials or via the automatic log in), your user name displays in place of Sign In to Qloud.

Note that if you open a browser to access your Qloud account outside of modeler, you will need to log in irrespective of your Launch Panel Qloud log in setting.

Using Sample Models

There are two sets of sample models: one set is installed with your local Quantrix installation, and the other set is available at the Quantrix web site.

Sample Models Installed with Quantrix

Quantrix installs sample models that can be invaluable in helping you understand Quantrix. Quantrix Functions, Quantrix Scripting, business models, a tutorial, graphics, and other types of models are included.  As an example, the following sample models may be included in the sample model Function folder for the Functions models, and most of them include multiple matrices:












In addition, there are about two dozen sample models, sample .csv files as well as a scripting folder with two scripting models.

Sample Models at

The sample models at the Quantrix web site are at

You can also get to the sample models at the Quantrix web site from the Launch Panel, by clicking Sample Models > View More > (scroll down if needed) Get Sample Models.

Turn the launch panel on or off

You can control whether and when the launch panel displays using one of the following:

To turn on the display of the launch panel:

Click Options on the Launch Panel, and choose the check box option Show Launch Panel on start-up

OR click Tools > Options > General from a model (on MAC, open the top level Preferences for Quantrix Modeler) and choose the check box option Show Launch Panel on start-up

To turn off the display of the launch panel, use the Launch Panel > Options or Tools > Options > General, as described above, but remove the check box option Show Launch Panel on close


Changing the Layout