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Quantrix Modeler 24.1.1

Significant Fixes in Modeler Version 24.1.1

On macOS, dragging a model to the dock, and double clicking a model, correctly loads Modeler and opens model files (.model, .modelt, .mbak) (QM-25750)

When opening a model created before 23.0 for the first time that has a large number of cells, the date conversion no longer takes an excessive amount of time and a Cancel button is available (QM-25751)


Quantrix Modeler 24.1.0

Improvements in Modeler Version 24.1.0

If you need to change a Data Import Salesforce URL, you can now easily do so using the new Edit pencil button in the Configure Salesforce Import panel (QM-25604). Clicking the Edit pencil button locates your pointer to the end of the current entry in the Connect field so you can change it.

In Data Import > Text import, the Advanced Encoding section now defaults to UTF-8 file encoding, and the drop-down option for ASCII, which in practice defaulted to the OS file encoding, has been removed (QM-25698). Existing ASCII selections are converted to UTF-8 file encoding.

In Data Import > Text import, if you click the Advanced link, there is a new drop-down selection for Region called "Default". If you choose the Default Region selection, your selections in Settings > International are used (QM-25698)


QDK Changes

The interface IProvidesViewerComponent has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release (QM-25702)


Significant Fixes in Modeler Version 24.1.0

When models are opened that have the legacy numbers rather than dates, Modeler does or does not convert the numbers in the cells to dates according to the following rules implemented in 24.1 (QM-25708):
Numbers in cells are converted to dates if:

  1. The number format of the cell is a date format in every matrix view of the matrix;

  2. The cell is calculated by a formula using a function that returns a date (date, datevalue, time, timevalue, timelinedate, today, now, edate, eomonth)

  3. The cell value is calculated from a cell that has a value that will be converted to a date by either #1 or #2 above

Important: If the cell value calculation is based on non-date cells, the cell value is not converted to a date even if the cell format is a date format. If the cell value is formatted as a date in one view and as a number in another view, it is not converted to a date unless it meets #2 or #3 above. Instead, an explanatory dialog alerts you by displaying the matrix names that contain the cells, and the message suggests you enter dates manually if desired.

Charts render correctly and consistently, and the size of the bars (including error indicators) are now fully visible within the chart (QM-25425, F0140225)

Legend Item selections in the Format Toolbox now correctly show the formatting options available to that selection (QM-25682, F0145851)

Messaging is improved regarding formatting of data types: numbers formatted as dates, and dates formatted as numbers, now display a warning icon in the cell and if you hover over the icon an explanatory message displays (QM-25621). Similarly, if dates or times are formatted with time zones, a warning icon displays and if you hover over the icon a message displays explaining that local date or time values should not be formatted with a time zone.

When using the Check Out Qloud Model dialog's search, searching on certain special characters in the search box no longer causes an exception (QM-25563)

In models containing hundreds of views, models no longer lock up when using the toolbar Model Browser drop-down arrow, and the drop-down list stays within the model window (QM-25511)

Memory is appropriately released during model processing (including Undo/Redo and other operations), and no longer results in high memory usage (QM-25612, F0142737)

When using soft recurrence (e.g. [~NEXT]) and referencing a category that is not in the matrix, an exception no longer occurs and an error message displays "Invalid recurrence along" with a reference to the category (QM-25609, F0138469)

When a user doesn't have permissions to edit a Date or List constrained cell, or when a cell is a calculated cell, the Date constraint icon or List constraint drop-down arrow no longer appears (QM-21232)

In Format Toolbox > Number > Date Time, the Show Time Zone formatting option cannot be selected unless you choose both Date and Time formats because both are needed to support a time zone offset (QM-25560)

Hyperlinks in cells no longer sometimes appear pixelated and now render smoothly like other text (QM-25433)

Text in print headers containing descender letters like p, q, g, j, y no longer cause the print headers to be cut off (QM-25603, F0133862)

When using Category Item Generation, if the range is deleted and then manually recreated, the Save button is now enabled (QM-25659, F0142284)

When using Data Import to import a text file of double or integer data types, selecting the aggregate function Minimum or Maximum when there is no data to summarize now correctly returns empty (QM-25674, F0145286)

Permissions management is improved and Qloud model checkouts save and close successfully (QM-25692)

When using the spacebar to toggle the state of a selection of cells that are constrained to boolean, cells that are collapsed or hidden but are part of a cell selection are no longer included in the spacebar toggle action (QM-25660)

When accessing the right-click popup menu on a canvas object after using canvas zoom, the right-click popup is no longer incorrectly offset from the object (QM-25679, F0145506)

Cell widgets now bind correctly to the appropriate canvas location and persist when the item or binding is moved or when items are added (QM-25656, F0145399)

An exception related to solver configurations using Min/Max and Undo no longer occurs (QM-23994)

An exception should no longer occur related to using Undo with item additions or deletions where the items are referenced by a formula (QM-25622)

An exception no longer occurs related to opening and closing multiple open models (QM-25610, F0142517)

An exception should no longer occur when using the Show Model Browser drop-down from the toolbar (QM-25363)

Models containing expressions with select statements no longer show errors and open and calculate correctly (QM-25623, F0142768)


Known Issues in Modeler Version 24.1.0

In the edit Data Import panel for a Salesforce Import, if the import is not fully and correctly configured, the OK button may be incorrectly enabled: clicking the OK button may result in an exception (QM-25717)