Software for Commercial Real Estate

The Commercial Real Estate Landscape 

Commercial real estate professionals require a great deal of power, flexibility and versatility in their planning software because every deal is unique.

They must be able to answer a variety of questions in a timely and accurate manner. Failing to do so could result in significant losses in profits and opportunity.

Some of these questions include:

    • What does our cash flow analysis tell us?
    • How should we manage our assets?
    • What if we did this instead of that?
    • What would happen if we developed a partnership for a joint venture?

Although one firm’s portfolio may differ from another, many of their challenges remain consistent. For commercial real estate professionals to feel confident in their decision making, they need a software solution that they can trust.

Quantrix delivers this solution!

Cash Flow Analysis

On a basic level, it is crucial for every company to understand how money is flowing through the business. This affords management-level workers key insights into how much cash their company has at a particular time.  This analysis can become even more involved when dealing with pro forma cash flow waterfalls, as found in commercial real estate. Quantrix has a multi-dimensional calculation engine, which allows users the ability to react in real time with greater precision. Additionally, Quantrix has a dependency inspector so that users can visually inspect and trace their models and formulas, ensuring accuracy.

Data Management

Today, business professionals have access to great amounts of data. As the internet continues to reach more people, so does the amount of data that is produced. While the availability of the data grows, the need to gather the data in a single location also continues to reach new heights.

Data can come in a variety of forms and from a slew of sources. Quantrix offers the ability to bring this data together. Users can import data from a Database, another Matrix, Salesforce, a text file, XML or Clipboard.

What-if & Forecasting

Understanding potential scenarios helps commercial real estate professionals plan for the future. With Quantrix, users are able to layer multiple scenarios into their models on the fly, thereby allowing them to ask “what-if” questions. They can figure out their best/worst case scenarios quickly and easily. By considering past, present and future conditions, Quantrix can help users produce accurate forecasts. Ultimately, this can assist users with their decision-making. For instance, they will be in a better position to decide whether a partnership is next best step.


Quantrix software focuses on accuracy. Whether you are conducting an in-depth cash flow analysis or simply monitoring assets, Quantrix can help to ensure that your calculations are working as they should. In addition to the dependency inspector (mentioned above), Quantrix Modeler also features natural language formulas that are separate from the cells. Rather than writing =A2-B7, Quantrix users can write Net Income=Sales-Expenses. One formula can calculate for entire rows and columns. This kind of formula writing makes model comprehension much easier. Further, because they are separate from the cells, the formulas will not break when the data is pivoted and filtered.


In almost every industry, once the calculations are performed, the results will need to reach another set of eyes. Decision makers will need to review the findings and make choices for the future. Quantrix offers an option on the web called Qloud. With Qloud, users can review, share and edit models using any browser on any web-enabled device. In fact, multiple people can work on the model at once. If needed, different permissions can be granted for different users. To read more about our Qloud offering, check out one of our previous blogs!


For years Quantrix has provided companies with modeling solutions. Our software is particularly well suited to deal with large datasets, like those found in commercial real estate. If you are currently using another solution, we urge you to give Quantrix a try! Request a free trial or book a demo today.


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Online Collaboration Software


In the not too distant past, online collaboration in the workplace was time-consuming. Employees would gather information, create their necessary spreadsheets and then email their work to their other colleague(s). Only then could the other collaborators make edits or input data. Today, things have changed. Business moves fast and organizations require an immediate turnaround. Companies have come to understand the value of online collaboration software.

Collaboration is crucial in today’s business environment. To succeed, companies need to relay information quickly and, just as importantly, accurately. Within a single office, documents need to reach coworkers and management for review, approval and decision-making purposes. This can become more difficult when employees are spread out geographically. Larger companies have satellite offices around the world and employees at smaller companies may work remotely. Additionally, in many cases, employees travel for work. Whatever the situation, the need to share information remains paramount. The solution to this dilemma is a powerful online collaboration software.

What are the aspects of a great online collaboration software?

The ability to…

  • share information in a centralized location
  • interact instantly – live chat
  • save/audit your work
  • assign varied roles to users
  • maintain data integrity

Software Option

Companies may have a variety of reasons they need to collaborate online. Depending on the needs of your company, you may require different software options. This blog will discuss the benefits of using Quantrix in this capacity.

Find out if Quantrix is a good fit for you:

Quantrix offers a powerful desktop modeling tool – Modeler – in addition to an online option, Qloud. In Modeler, you are able to build robust multi-dimensional models. With Qloud, you can share these models online.

Sharing Information

With Quantrix Qloud, you can easily share your models and collaborate simultaneously with others. After you have uploaded your models to Qloud, you can select who you would like to share the model with and designate their individual privileges. You designate and the control the model, allowing some users to edit and others to simply view the information. Make this as specific as you would like, right down to the cell level.

Interactive Interface

Financial statements, forecasts and budgets all require routine updating. One or more people may need to work within a document at once. In Qloud, multiple users can work on the model at the same time online. In addition, the software features a live chat. Talk directly to your colleagues to ensure that you are accomplishing your necessary goals.

Build interactive dashboards with the Quantrix Canvas feature. Use sliders, buttons, and other widgets to bring your graphs, charts and data to life.

Saving/Audit Capabilities

In instances where users are working on the model at different times, Qloud offers the option of saving/tagging your edits. Leave a note and comment about the changes you made. Users who log into Qloud later can find out if there were any updates made to the model. Further, when the model is checked out in Modeler, users can turn on the Audit Trail. With this feature enabled, users can see all the changes that have been made, and the order they were modified.

Role Assignment

In Qloud, users can pivot, filter and add data depending on the role they are assigned. As mentioned above, users can be granted full Modeler access, while others might simply be able to view the content. This can be tailored as needed and on the fly.

In the interest of model preservation users will not have access to the formulas when they are online. This safeguard prevents anyone from ‘breaking’ the model. The underlying structure of the model will remain consistent until it is checked-out to the desktop application and edited by a modeler.


Today’s work environment requires a great deal of flexibility. To make quick decisions and stay competitive, businesses are utilizing a wide variety of online collaboration tools. If your company needs to create and share financial information in a timely and accurate manner, Quantrix might be the right choice for you. Request a Free Trial or Book a Demo today to see the power of Quantrix for yourself!


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Quantrix Seminar Series: Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi Quantrix Community,

Do you want to increase your Quantrix knowledge? Do you want to hear from Quantrix experts? Do you want to visit scenic Salt Lake City, Utah?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we have some great news for you!

We are excited to announce that our partners Steven Bailey, of Foreside Group LLC. and Rich Lopez, The Quantrix Authority will be hosting the Quantrix Seminar Series in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 25th & 26th, 2020.


This 2-day training will feature a variety of topics and lessons sure to benefit modelers of every skill level.

The seating is limited to 25 people, so register your spot today! If you register before January 31, 2020, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Early Bird price. Don’t wait!

To find out more about the speakers, topics, prices, venue and more, make sure you check out the registration page on the Foreside Group website: Quantrix Seminar Series.


Registration Page

Quantrix Authority – 300th Video!

In April of 2015, Quantrix posted a blog titled Rich Lopez, aka the “Quantrix Authority,” Creates YouTube Channel for Quantrix Users. That blog featured an interview with Rich Lopez, an avid Quantrix user, who decided to start a YouTube channel dedicated to assisting and growing the Quantrix community. Although he had a full-time job, Rich wanted to spend some of his spare moments creating helpful videos for other Quantrix users.

At the time of the blog, Rich had posted eight videos geared toward beginner and intermediate modelers. Although there were a variety of potential video topics, Rich wanted to focus his content. Within three to five minutes, Rich hoped to share useful tips in his videos and answer viewer questions along the way. As he put it: “whenever someone asks me a question, I try to answer it.” He was also asked about how many videos he planned on making. Rich replied: “I have eight videos online now, and if I get to 100, I know I will have really accomplished something.” Since then, Rich has gone on to post an additional 292 videos, always remaining true to his initial intent: create helpful content for the Quantrix community. Truly an amazing feat!

The 300th video (below) highlights some of the greatest aspects of Quantrix Modeler. The video is titled: 300 – Aggregate Indirectly Related Matrices – Multi Dimensional Magic of Quantrix.

Congratulations Rich! We look forward to watching the next 300.

Dimension 2019 in Pictures

Earlier this month, Quantrix hosted the Dimension 2019 conference. Attendees from the United States, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Panama and Australia gathered in Portland, ME to learn, collaborate and share! The three-day conference featured a variety of engaging day and evening events. If you were unable to attend the conference this year, here is a recap.

Day 1:

The first day of the conference focused on the product. There were learning sessions in the morning followed by Modeler and Qloud new feature presentations in the afternoon. In the evening, attendees convened for a cocktail hour before heading out on an Escape Room adventure.


Day 2:

Much of the second day was led by Quantrix customers. In addition to customer-led learning sessions, there were also three Customer Use Case Presentations. During the Use Case Presentations, customers shared their Quantrix stories.

  • Gregg Ibendahl, Ph.D., an Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University, explained how Quantrix helped him develop a Farm Simulation game for his capstone farm management class.
  • Mike Stephenson and Tyler Billings from BH Management Services, LLC presented their newly branded BH Balance and BH Project Pro in a Qloud demonstration. Additionally, they also showcased their ability to pair a QR/Barcode scanner to a Quantrix model.
  • Dr. Stuart Ward from IDBS discussed the use of Quantrix Enterprise in E-WorkBook. E-WorkBook is a scalable R&D scientific data management software solution, used widely in the Life Science Industry.

In the evening, attendees took a cruise of Casco Bay and enjoyed a lobster dinner.


During dinner, gifts were given to the speakers and awards were presented to some community members!


Day 3:

The third and final day of the conference provided attendees the opportunity to ask questions and share their feedback with the Quantrix development team. To create the best product possible, it is crucial to gain input from users.  Day 3 also featured the Production Direction Presentation. This presentation discussed where Quantrix will be headed in the future.

Thank you to the Quantrix team, the conference speakers, attendees and the Westin Portland Harborview for making Dimension 2019 a great success!

A Better Financial Planning Software

Financial advisors and corporate finance departments are always looking for better ways to plan. People working in this field utilize existing data to help determine the best decisions moving forward. Cash, asset and investment figures, along with educated assumptions about the future, give finance departments enough information to inform key decision makers about forthcoming deals.

As these deals can have major impacts on individuals and businesses, it is vital that financial analysts are using a professional software, capable of handling multiple scenarios. With a multi-dimensional calculation engine, Quantrix Modeler is able to handle these types of tasks.

With ‘one-click,’ Quantrix users can add scenarios into their models to ask ‘what-if’ questions.

Further, analysts should use a software that is accurate. Corporate managers should feel confident that they are making sound decisions, backed up by their data. Unlike some traditional spreadsheet tools, Quantrix utilizes natural language formulas, which often decrease the number of overall formulas. Cell-based formulas calculate based on the cell’s location (ex. = B34 – C34).  Natural language formulas, on the other hand, calculate based on titles, as shown below:

Without as many formulas, there is less to audit and worry about. However, it is nonetheless important for users to have the ability to go back and verify their calculations. That is why Quantrix Modeler offers a dependency inspector. The Quantrix dependency inspector allows users the ability to trace their formulas back to their start.

Once calculated, the models can easily be shared in Qloud, the Quantrix online environment. Management can review and edit the financial planning models, then make their decisions. The ease of use and peace of mind that Quantrix offers is a perfect combination for anyone looking to use financial planning software.

Want to try the software? Request a free trial!

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Online Spreadsheets: A Look Ahead

Corporations and consultants have evolving needs when it comes to online spreadsheets. This blog discusses those needs and how Quantrix can meet them.

For Businesses:

Today, companies require high levels of collaboration and interaction. Many businesses employ people working in locations all over the globe. With such geographical diversity, it is crucial that information reaches key decision makers in a timely manner. Some of the most important pieces of information for management to review are financial models and the accompanying spreadsheets. Historically, in an online world, companies had to email files back and forth. More recently, files have been saved in a centralized cloud for people to review. Quantrix gives companies a vision of the future. Employees can create models in a structured multi-dimensional platform via Quantrix Modeler and then upload the models to Quantrix Qloud.

Qloud is the Quantrix online environment where users can review, edit and share their models. Qloud allows users the ability to grant unlimited access to specific users, while restricting figures/numbers from others. For example, one manager is granted access solely to the finances of the eastern region and another is granted access solely to the western region. Through enhanced roles and permissions functionality, this specificity can be tailored to fit your company needs. Additionally, when granted access, the manager Qloud user can then make edits to the model, changing scenarios to see different views of the future. Further, after making modifications, users can save their changes and add notes so that any future user will know that adjustments have been made.  See image below.

In Qloud, multiple people can work on the model at once with the ability to see changes in real time and communicate with each other directly through the online chat feature. This type of immediate interaction is critically important for companies needing a quick turn-around, or for companies with highly collaborative environments.

For Consultants:

Consultants work to uncover and solve a variety of business matters. Although client needs may differ, the paths that consultants take can be similar:


  1. Collect the data
  2. Organize and model the data
  3. Tell the story of the data
  4. Make recommendations

To manage the data involved in this process, consultants have many tools at their disposal. However, these options are not created equal. Consultants want the same type of coverage explained in the business section above plus they also have the added concern of their own privacy. Consultants may use a specific methodology they do not want to share. With Quantrix, consultants can show the necessary results to their clients without showing their underlying processes, protecting their highly valuable intellectual property.


The world is constantly evolving. The software that businesses and consultants use needs to evolve at the same pace. When corporations have offices all over the world, it is vital that they can communicate and collaborate as quickly as necessary for success. Likewise, consultants must be able to create and share their figures with ease while maintaining model integrity. Instead of relying on spreadsheets, use Quantrix.  Our software is the best option for any online collaborative modeling use case.

Mike Salisbury, Director

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The Best Forecasting Software

Before you leave your home in the morning, you probably ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the weather going to be like today?
  • Is traffic going to slow my commute to work?
  • Should I bring a coat?

To get the answers to these questions, you can watch your local newscast on TV or check your weather & traffic apps on your phone. Either way, you want to be prepared in case you encounter inclement conditions and/or gridlock. Your ultimate decision of what to wear and what time to leave is based on a forecast. Forecasts help people plan for the future.

The power of forecasting goes well beyond getting to work on time. In fact, businesses of all sizes create financial forecasts to better prepare for the days, months and years ahead. Financial results, agricultural yields and energy production levels can vary greatly depending on conditions that may or may not be within your control. Companies want to know how to prepare for these conditions by building robust forecasting models. The best way to prepare is to have a reliable forecasting software running your model calculations.

Organizations make business decisions based on the forecast models they create. The software that constructs these models needs to be reliable and trustworthy. A multi-dimensional calculation engine allows modelers the ability to react in real time with greater precision. In Quantrix, you can create a new matrix that incudes all your assumptions about the future and link it back to your main model with ease. Further, with just ‘one click’ you are able to add new scenarios into your model to ask those critically important ‘what-if’ questions.

Whether you are looking one week or ten years down the road, to properly forecast scenarios, you need access to existing data. Today, data comes in a variety of forms and from a slew of sources. Therefore, it is crucial that your software can import data from just about anywhere. Quantrix allows users to pull data from an existing relational database, another Quantrix matrix, Salesforce, a text file or an XML source. Once your data is in Quantrix, you can run your calculations with natural language formulas, which increase your model’s accuracy. The ability to audit your models and formulas with the built-in dependency inspector feature is critically important when creating an accurate picture of the future.

As the forecast model takes shape, key decision makers will want to be able to view the results. Qloud, the Quantrix online environment, promotes sharing and collaboration of models. Management can view and/or edit the results of the model immediately in an easy-to-use web-based format.

Quantrix software truly brings new insights and power to the forecasting activities in your organization.

Click Here to see a real-world forecast application of Quantrix software. Or click here to check out some sample Quantrix models.

Mike Salisbury, Director

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The Future of Financial Modeling

What is an ideal financial model?

An ideal financial model:

  • accurately represents your business
  • is flexible in order to adjust to the inevitable changes in your business
  • is shareable with your colleagues
  • is free from errors

In an ideal situation, all four aspects would describe every model. However, in reality, models created in traditional tools can be difficult to create, maintain and verify. While traditional spreadsheets allow users to build more basic structures, they can struggle in the presence of larger datasets and shifting circumstances. New prospects often express this struggle when I talk to them about Quantrix. Companies rely on their financial models to make critical business decisions. As a result, decision makers must trust that their models are accurate and up-to-date. Trust, in this case, comes in the form of using a reliable software application.

Traditional spreadsheets can become overwhelmed with too many complex formulas and unstructured data. To combat these issues, modelers must use software with powerful calculation engines, capable of reducing formulas and errors. Additionally, modelers require software that simplifies complex structure into something that is easy to comprehend. For instance, if a company wants a breakdown of their finances by year, by product type, by quarter, by region, then it is crucial that their software can handle the dimensionality this analysis requires.

The answer to all these issues (and the future of financial modeling) is a multi-dimensional application. The world within which your business operates is not two-dimensional, your financial software should not be either. A multi-dimensional calculation engine, such as Quantrix, allows modelers the opportunity to write formulas based on actual language (ex. Gross Profit = Sales – Expenses) rather than based on cell location (Ex. = A25 – B25).

This type of formula writing can significantly reduce time and increase accuracy with respect to model creation. Further, each dimension (Product Type, Year, Quarter, Region, Scenario) can be added, filtered and pivoted for ease of use.

Once a model has been created, many organizations will require that the model is shared within the company. Management will want to review or make changes to the model. Therefore, an online platform for viewing and editing is important.

Quantrix provides an all-encompassing solution. Quantrix Modeler allows for robust model building and Quantrix Qloud offers an online environment for organizations of all sizes to collaborate, share and manage their models in an easy-to-use web interface. Quantrix is the future of financial modeling.

Mike Salisbury, Director

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Dimension Conference returns in September 2018 #QuantrixEvolved

“Best value conference of any I’ve ever attended after 25 years of the business.”

“I’m always so impressed with the development team and their dedication!”

“Very pleased with the conference and great to meet others that use the program”

These are quotes from participants of last year’s user conference. It is truly a fantastic event!  I cordially invite everyone that is interested in Quantrix to our annual Dimension user conference in Portland, Maine USA September 11-13. Check out this great video recap of last year’s event.

At the conference it is gratifying to see what our users are doing with Quantrix. The use case presentations by our customers are always a big hit and very informative. We also help the less experienced users of Quantrix see the potential and power of the application for their day-to-day modeling needs. We love to hear Quantrix users say they have kicked the Excel habit for their forward-looking modeling tasks.

At this year’s conference we will unveil Release 2019 which is a new update to Quantrix Modeler and Qloud. Release 2019 will include a full redesign of the modeler data integration technologies and we will demonstrate an all-new Qloud scheduler feature. We are very excited to show you these new features along with a host of other improvements that our development team is currently hard at work on.

We will take our traditional cruise of Casco Bay on the Islander and we are excited to use a new venue for our dinner this year. The Harbor View at Jones Landing will host us and the Maine Lobster Bake Company will provide our traditional Maine Lobster dinner (non-lobster and vegan entrées available).

We already have multiple attendees already registered from the USA, Canada, Switzerland and France and interest in the event is building each day. We have a limited number of super early bird tickets available at $995 USD, but they will soon sell out so please don’t delay in registering if you would like to attend this year. Learn more about the conference at our Dimension 2018 web page.

I hope you can join us in Portland this year!

Register for Dimension 2018 now

By Michael Salisbury