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Quantrix is looking for a Solutions Consultant with experience in financial and operational modeling to provide business knowledge and technical support to Account Managers through the sales cycle. This role plays a vital role in enabling Quantrix’s customers to realize the maximum value and benefit from our software solutions.

Quantrix delivers the ultimate strategic business planning experience, helping planners in Finance, Supply Chain and Sales Operations reinvent how they model their operations and become more agile in running their business. Using the Quantrix SaaS platform, customers spend far less time managing their models and more time investigating alternative scenarios and executing on their forecasts.

Quantrix is a proud operating company under Danaher Corporation and IDBS, Inc. Visit https://quantrix.com/ to learn more or apply below:

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Operating Model Falling Apart? New Webinar August 13

Hi Quantrix Community,

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Webinar on Thursday, August 13, 2020 from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT.

Featured Speaker:
We will hear from Ryan Goodall, Stephen Bonacci and Richard J. Holohan – Managing Director at Logistics Capital & Strategy, LLC.

About Logistics Capital & Strategy, LLC:
In their own words:

Logistics Capital & Strategy, LLC (“LogCapStrat”) is a financial and strategic advisory firm serving management, private equity and other stakeholders in supply chain-intensive industries. Located in Arlington, VA, our team of highly experienced professionals – business strategists and investment bankers – provides clients with a uniquely integrated approach to creating value.

Webinar Summary:
Operating model falling apart? Expert supply chain consultancy Logistics Capital & Strategy LLC. will share best practices for driver based forecasting and activity based profit modeling in our upcoming webcast. Two cases will be presented, one large firm with 10+ unique divisions that LogCapStrat consolidated onto a common set of transparent and auditable financials, and a second firm for whom LogCapStrat delivered an activity based cost and profit model which enabled insight to trends across customers, lanes, origins, and destinations. The webcast will also feature LogCapStrat’s technology partner, Quantrix, which provides the agile, multi-dimensional modeling platform enabling their work.

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This Webinar is part of our Planning for Good campaign. These have been difficult times for everyone. Find out how Quantrix can help you and your business.

How to Answer Your Toughest “What if” Questions | Try Quantrix for FREE

The global health crisis and economic uncertainty have left businesses and organizations with many questions. Some of the toughest questions arise in the planning process. Plans that were created at the beginning of the year are likely not the same plans needed to move forward. Evolving plans and changing budgets can be difficult to manage. This is particularly burdensome when companies need to update economic and operational models.

Quantrix is a powerful, multidimensional modeling tool that is designed expressly to help modelers and planners increase their agility. Because we know that all plans must change, and some more than others, the core idea of Quantrix is to provide a fast experience for creating models from scratch and a flexible experience for changing them over time. Outside forces, such as the health crisis, can dramatically impact a company’s decisions and strategy. Using Quantrix, planners can add new scenarios into their models and answer their “what if” questions instantly.

To assist companies during this difficult period, we have announced our Planning for Good Campaign.

Planners around the world use Quantrix to keep business resilient and you can too. For a limited time we’re offering a free license to use our professional modeling software. Operating plans are changing fast and traditional modeling approaches just can’t keep up. What better time than now to create more robust models that can adapt as your business changes?

Additionally, as part of our Planning for Good campaign, we are hosting a series of webinars in which professional planners highlight how their business has changed during the pandemic, and how the agility of Quantrix has helped them manage that change. In case you were unable to attend our earlier webinars, you can watch them here:


This no charge program is limited to one license per company and a total of 200 licenses, so act fast and get started modeling like a professional. The license will expire on October 31, 2020, so register today!

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We hope that you take advantage of this license and that it can assist you through this uncertain time.

-The Quantrix Team

You’re invited! Quantrix Webinar – June 30, 2020

Hi Quantrix Community,

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Webinar on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT.

Featured Speaker:
Jason Klinghoffer, CFA – Director at Mischler Financial Group

About Mischler Financial Group:
In their own words:

Mischler Financial Group is the nation’s oldest minority investment bank and institutional brokerage owned and operated by Service-Disabled-Veterans. One important aspect of Mischler’s business is in the service and fixed income trading for public and private treasury managers. Quantrix has been key in our development and delivery of proprietary analytics and information to our customers and has provided an open infrastructure to tailor customized models to some of the nation’s biggest treasury asset managers.

Mischler’s Quantrix solution, internally named MaxQ, has allowed us to capture market share in recent years while some of the biggest investment banks in the business struggle to grow. Our ability to optimize solutions in a “Qloud” based environment has, in many ways, created an unique advantage as we are capable of delivering time-sensitive portfolio analytics for decision makers while maintaining best execution standards and a competitive business environment. The cost-efficient framework Quantrix provides allows us to deliver this personalized service in a manner that even the largest players in our space can’t compete with.

Webinar Summary:
In continuation of our Planning for Good webinar series, hear from another Quantrix customer about their business, how the current economic climate has impacted them and how Quantrix has allowed them to remain agile.

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This Webinar is part of our Planning for Good campaign. These have been difficult times for everyone. Find out how Quantrix can help you and your business.

You’re invited! Quantrix Webinar – May 27, 2020

Hi Quantrix Community,

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Webinar on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT.

Featured Speaker:
Matt Burrows, VP, Finance & Accounting – Litehouse, Inc.

About Litehouse, Inc.
Litehouse, Inc. started in the Hope, Idaho restaurant of the Hawkins family over 50 years ago. Since that time, it has become the leader in refrigerated salad dressings, dips, sauces, herbs, and cheese, manufacturing these delicious products at its three U.S. facilities based in Michigan, Utah and Idaho.

Webinar Summary:
Operational and financial models that worked before the pandemic are no longer working now. Modeling professionals may face steep challenges as they attempt to revise former plans. Attend this webinar to learn how some of your peers surmounted these issues and how Quantrix helped them create and maintain agility in their business.

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This Webinar is part of our Planning for Good campaign. These have been difficult times for everyone. Find out how Quantrix can help you and your business.

How to Stay Certain in Uncertain Times | Forecasting & Planning

A few years ago, Quantrix posted a blog entitled, How to Stay Certain in Uncertain Times. The blog discussed then current events, and the instability that might follow, highlighting the need for businesses to adapt during difficult times. The message conveyed in that blog is all the more relevant today.

At a time like this, it may seem that companies have little control over their futures. While the current climate certainly makes the future unclear, businesses can begin to regain control by creating forecasts. Forecasts take into account past, current and future conditions to produce reports about how the upcoming days, months or years might look. This allows businesses the ability to strategize and plan ahead. Software can help you forecast financial results, agricultural yields, and production output, just to name a few.

Quantrix Modeler is a software solution that can assist organizations in creating these forecasts. Bring together your data, add scenarios and audit/track all changes made to the model.

Forecasting can lead you in the right direction.

Dramatic shifts in the economy, like the ones we are experiencing today, leave businesses with a variety of questions. What is my financial outlook? What can we afford to do? And what changes to our business should be made?

Quantrix is a tool that can help businesses make decisions. With our software, modelers can create scenarios from a clean sheet. You are able to get a better understanding of your best and worst circumstances. With ‘one click,’ you can add new scenarios into your model to ask ‘what-if’ questions. Additionally, modelers have the ability to make changes to deep and sophisticated models. Let the speed and flexibility found in our multi-dimensional calculation engine assist you in this process.

If you are interested in creating a forecasting or planning model, please request a free trial, book a demo or contact us to find out more information.

These are difficult times. Let us know how we can help.

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Introducing the New Quantrix Instagram Account | quantrixsoftware

Quantrix has a new Instagram account: QuantrixSoftware

You can find our page here: https://www.instagram.com/quantrixsoftware/

Or search for QuantrixSoftware when using the application.

We are happy to announce that members of the Quantrix community now have a new way to stay updated: Instagram. We will be posting a variety of new images and video clips highlighting all that Quantrix has to offer.

We recognize that Quantrix is a tremendously visual tool. The addition of this Instagram account will allow us to share these visual elements.

Our first picture has already been posted. Feel free to follow us! We look forward to seeing you there.

Click the image below to visit our account on Instagram:


What is the Best Software for Consultants?

Consultant Use Case

Consultants are confronted with business-related issues spanning a wide range of industries. Each case is different. This variety highlights the need for a flexible software option.

Consultants require a software that can adapt from one project to the next, as well as within projects, when goals and deliverables shift.

Although significant differences may exist, every consultancy project, at its core, follows the same steps.

At the beginning of every project, consultants must identify the business issue/problem. Once the problem has been identified, there are 4 major steps.

  • Collect data
  • Organize & model the data
  • Tell the story of the data
  • Make recommendations to mitigate the issue/problem

The best software option will be able to assist users throughout this process.

There are an assortment of software choices available, so it’s important that consultants are well-informed about these potential options. With that in mind, here is how Quantrix fits in at each of the four phases:

Data Collection

Data collection varies between consultancy projects. In some cases, the data is available but not consolidated. In other instances, the data needs to be collected/created through surveys, focus groups or other means. Quantrix offers the ability to bring this data together. Data can be imported from a Database, another Quantrix Matrix, Salesforce, a Text File, XML File or from the Clipboard.

Quantrix utilizes a powerful multi-dimensional calculation engine. This enable users the ability to expand their model quickly and easily. Traditional spreadsheets, on the other hand, are two-dimensional and can limit your ability to manipulate data. With Quantrix you can add categories and scenarios with ease. For example, let’s say you want to forecast how a new product will impact your client’s business. With ‘one-click,’ you can add new scenarios to ask what-if questions. Quantrix is designed to accommodate these types of additions and to adapt to changing circumstances.

Organize & model the data

Consultants spend a great deal of time constructing data models. Quantrix can help make this process easier.

The goal: Calculate and display the data so that anyone reviewing the model will be able to make important decisions.

Quantrix has always-on pivoting and filtering. Drag the category tiles from axis-to-axis to change the view. You can even drag and drop the dimensional tiles into the filter tray. This is particularly useful when you want to see only 1 specific year, month or even product type.

Further, unlike traditional spreadsheet tools, where the formulas are contained in the cells, Quantrix utilizes natural language formulas. Natural language formulas keep the calculations separate from the cells. This enables you to manipulate the data on-the-fly. This also helps with the integrity of the data because even when the data is manipulated, the formulas won’t break. As a bonus, because formulas can calculate for entire rows and columns, less formulas are required. Overall, that means, there is less to inspect and audit.

These features allow the data to be organized quickly and easily.

Tell the story of your data

Now that you have your data organized, it is time to present it. The best way to present your findings and recommendations is with a dashboard. Utilize your dashboard to tell the story of your data.

A dashboard can provide end users with the most pertinent information. Charts, graphs, tables and diagrams can be tailored to showcase your results. Today, you can make your dashboards interactive. The addition of sliders, radio buttons and other widgets can take your data to the next level. Key decision makers can get answers to their questions in real time.

In Quantrix, you can create these dashboards with the Presentation Canvas tool. Specifically, you can add images, text, charts, tables, graphs, widgets (sliders, radio buttons etc.) and more.

When you insert a presentation canvas in Quantrix Modeler, it opens as a completely blank, white space. Use your creativity to display the content.

Once you have filled in your canvas, you will want to share your creation. Clients will be interested in looking at the data you have compiled.

In the case shown above, clients can move the sliders to see the impact certain changes will make.

These dashboards can even be shared online using our Qloud offering.

Make recommendations to mitigate the issue/problem

Ultimately, the recommendations consultants give clients will be based on their knowledge, experience and the analysis they conduct. That said, Quantrix can help consultants find the story in their data.

If you are a consultant and are interested in trying Quantrix, please request a free trial today! Or, want to see Quantrix in action? Book a demo.


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Software for Commercial Real Estate

The Commercial Real Estate Landscape 

Commercial real estate professionals require a great deal of power, flexibility and versatility in their planning software because every deal is unique.

They must be able to answer a variety of questions in a timely and accurate manner. Failing to do so could result in significant losses in profits and opportunity.

Some of these questions include:

    • What does our cash flow analysis tell us?
    • How should we manage our assets?
    • What if we did this instead of that?
    • What would happen if we developed a partnership for a joint venture?

Although one firm’s portfolio may differ from another, many of their challenges remain consistent. For commercial real estate professionals to feel confident in their decision making, they need a software solution that they can trust.

Quantrix delivers this solution!

Cash Flow Analysis

On a basic level, it is crucial for every company to understand how money is flowing through the business. This affords management-level workers key insights into how much cash their company has at a particular time.  This analysis can become even more involved when dealing with pro forma cash flow waterfalls, as found in commercial real estate. Quantrix has a multi-dimensional calculation engine, which allows users the ability to react in real time with greater precision. Additionally, Quantrix has a dependency inspector so that users can visually inspect and trace their models and formulas, ensuring accuracy.

Data Management

Today, business professionals have access to great amounts of data. As the internet continues to reach more people, so does the amount of data that is produced. While the availability of the data grows, the need to gather the data in a single location also continues to reach new heights.

Data can come in a variety of forms and from a slew of sources. Quantrix offers the ability to bring this data together. Users can import data from a Database, another Matrix, Salesforce, a text file, XML or Clipboard.

What-if & Forecasting

Understanding potential scenarios helps commercial real estate professionals plan for the future. With Quantrix, users are able to layer multiple scenarios into their models on the fly, thereby allowing them to ask “what-if” questions. They can figure out their best/worst case scenarios quickly and easily. By considering past, present and future conditions, Quantrix can help users produce accurate forecasts. Ultimately, this can assist users with their decision-making. For instance, they will be in a better position to decide whether a partnership is next best step.


Quantrix software focuses on accuracy. Whether you are conducting an in-depth cash flow analysis or simply monitoring assets, Quantrix can help to ensure that your calculations are working as they should. In addition to the dependency inspector (mentioned above), Quantrix Modeler also features natural language formulas that are separate from the cells. Rather than writing =A2-B7, Quantrix users can write Net Income=Sales-Expenses. One formula can calculate for entire rows and columns. This kind of formula writing makes model comprehension much easier. Further, because they are separate from the cells, the formulas will not break when the data is pivoted and filtered.


In almost every industry, once the calculations are performed, the results will need to reach another set of eyes. Decision makers will need to review the findings and make choices for the future. Quantrix offers an option on the web called Qloud. With Qloud, users can review, share and edit models using any browser on any web-enabled device. In fact, multiple people can work on the model at once. If needed, different permissions can be granted for different users. To read more about our Qloud offering, check out one of our previous blogs!


For years Quantrix has provided companies with modeling solutions. Our software is particularly well suited to deal with large datasets, like those found in commercial real estate. If you are currently using another solution, we urge you to give Quantrix a try! Request a free trial or book a demo today.


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Online Collaboration Software


In the not too distant past, online collaboration in the workplace was time-consuming. Employees would gather information, create their necessary spreadsheets and then email their work to their other colleague(s). Only then could the other collaborators make edits or input data. Today, things have changed. Business moves fast and organizations require an immediate turnaround. Companies have come to understand the value of online collaboration software.

Collaboration is crucial in today’s business environment. To succeed, companies need to relay information quickly and, just as importantly, accurately. Within a single office, documents need to reach coworkers and management for review, approval and decision-making purposes. This can become more difficult when employees are spread out geographically. Larger companies have satellite offices around the world and employees at smaller companies may work remotely. Additionally, in many cases, employees travel for work. Whatever the situation, the need to share information remains paramount. The solution to this dilemma is a powerful online collaboration software.

What are the aspects of a great online collaboration software?

The ability to…

  • share information in a centralized location
  • interact instantly – live chat
  • save/audit your work
  • assign varied roles to users
  • maintain data integrity

Software Option

Companies may have a variety of reasons they need to collaborate online. Depending on the needs of your company, you may require different software options. This blog will discuss the benefits of using Quantrix in this capacity.

Find out if Quantrix is a good fit for you:

Quantrix offers a powerful desktop modeling tool – Modeler – in addition to an online option, Qloud. In Modeler, you are able to build robust multi-dimensional models. With Qloud, you can share these models online.

Sharing Information

With Quantrix Qloud, you can easily share your models and collaborate simultaneously with others. After you have uploaded your models to Qloud, you can select who you would like to share the model with and designate their individual privileges. You designate and the control the model, allowing some users to edit and others to simply view the information. Make this as specific as you would like, right down to the cell level.

Interactive Interface

Financial statements, forecasts and budgets all require routine updating. One or more people may need to work within a document at once. In Qloud, multiple users can work on the model at the same time online. In addition, the software features a live chat. Talk directly to your colleagues to ensure that you are accomplishing your necessary goals.

Build interactive dashboards with the Quantrix Canvas feature. Use sliders, buttons, and other widgets to bring your graphs, charts and data to life.

Saving/Audit Capabilities

In instances where users are working on the model at different times, Qloud offers the option of saving/tagging your edits. Leave a note and comment about the changes you made. Users who log into Qloud later can find out if there were any updates made to the model. Further, when the model is checked out in Modeler, users can turn on the Audit Trail. With this feature enabled, users can see all the changes that have been made, and the order they were modified.

Role Assignment

In Qloud, users can pivot, filter and add data depending on the role they are assigned. As mentioned above, users can be granted full Modeler access, while others might simply be able to view the content. This can be tailored as needed and on the fly.

In the interest of model preservation users will not have access to the formulas when they are online. This safeguard prevents anyone from ‘breaking’ the model. The underlying structure of the model will remain consistent until it is checked-out to the desktop application and edited by a modeler.


Today’s work environment requires a great deal of flexibility. To make quick decisions and stay competitive, businesses are utilizing a wide variety of online collaboration tools. If your company needs to create and share financial information in a timely and accurate manner, Quantrix might be the right choice for you. Request a Free Trial or Book a Demo today to see the power of Quantrix for yourself!


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