Version 20.1.0 Product Release Notification

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PRESS RELEASE: Version 20.1.0 Product Release Notification
February 25, 2020
PORTLAND, ME – On February 25, 2020 Quantrix released Version 20.1.0 of Modeler, Qloud and Enterprise Qloud. There are a variety of new improvements and fixes with this release, so it is recommended that users update their software as soon as possible.
To make the update to Modeler, open the program and then select “Update” from the left side on the launch panel.
An important note about Windows 7: As of 1/14/2020, Microsoft no longer supports/provides security updates for Windows 7. With release 20.1.0, Quantrix no longer supports Windows 7. The Quantrix 32-bit installer is no longer available.
Quantrix is also pleased to announce there is a new page on the Quantrix website dedicated to Product Help. The page, which can be located under the “Product” drop down menu on (, includes links to Modeler Help, Public Qloud Help and Enterprise Qloud Help. The link to that page is provided here:
You can also access the link from the sidebar and the footer at:
Modeler highlights:
The Lookup Functions include a new Distinct (list) function that you can use with lists to return only unique values. This may be useful if there are duplicate values in a list. Distinct () can also be used with Count and Counta to count only unique values.
Data Import now supports executing stored procedures by calling the stored procedure name using the correct syntax for your database type in the SQL pane; properly constructed stored procedures also run on Qloud.
Data Import’s Configure Import Options includes a new option to “Allow editing of imported cells”. For new data imports, the option is not selected by default; existing (legacy) data import models have the “Allow editing” option selected by default.
To avoid redundant calculations, to improve performance and to minimize the likelihood of race conditions, Quantrix now controls calculations when running scripts.
In addition to these improvements, there were a significant number of defects fixed.
To find out more, you can read the full Modeler release notes here:
Qloud highlights:
Qloud now permits any combination of username case when logging in (for example, if you create a user with the username bob, you can log in as bOb, bob, Bob, BOB).
Automation now supports selection of recurrence schedules when creating rules that provide maximum scheduling flexibility.
Logging is improved regarding scheduled scripts that fail, and now includes the same error as is shown on the client side.
As a template owner, you can hover over the Template User icon on the Templates List to see explanatory text, or you can click the Template User icon to show the names of Template Users for this Template.
Copies of templates can be checked out by the owner if the owner is a template user with checkout permissions or is the template owner. These template copies are also available as Data Import sources
When you unlock a model on the Models page, there is now a visual indication that the Unlock is in progress.
You can read the Public Qloud release notes here:
About Quantrix
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Thank you for your support of Quantrix!
-The Quantrix Team

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