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Hello. I’m a new Quantrix user and taking this opportunity to log new user type experience questions. That is, what am I expecting to happen in the interface versus how it actually works. New users tend to make naive suggestions but it’s also true that new user adoption is often limited by expectations built up over the years using other software. Anyway, here’s my idea, comment if you agree or disagree or think it breaks some other practice you may have.
I find I often make a new category then want to create items for that category. After you click a category, say the default “A” one, then give it a name, you must move the mouse from the bottom of the page to the top of the page, click on the “A1” item and start typing its name. I suggest we could use TAB for this change of focus from category to its first item. Also, after creating or renaming an existing item, we could use TAB to navigate to the first cell in that slice of the matrix. After that, the default behavior would be TAB goes to the next cell. Of course at any point you could hit ENTER to go to the next category or the next item as is existing behavior.
This would reduce mousing and not require any complicated keyboard shortcuts for what I think could be a common flow through creating a matrix from scratch. Is this how you create a matrix? Or do you instead create all of your categories first then go to the items for each? Some other way? TAB doesn’t seem to be mapped to anything else, any other unforeseen consequences you can think of?
Respond with any feedback and vote if you like the idea.
B Answered question May 4, 2020

A belated “thank you” to both the new user, Braddo, for the question and insights and to the seasoned veteran, The Quantrix Authority, for his answer.
Broddo’s suggestion is a good one and will be taken up at an upcoming product planning review.  Thank you for the idea and welcome to the Quantrix community! Answered question May 4, 2020
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