unbalanced ( year and quarter) time line creation

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I am new in Quantrix and wondering if I can make a timeline like
y3     { q1 q2 q3 q4}
Could you please help me?

Davood Souri Answered question September 26, 2020

My fault as I realized I misunderstood your question. And I cannot delete my original answer.
You probably already know that you cannot use the timeline for this unless you collapsed the quarters you were not using/needing in y1 and y2. The other option is to create a category for year. Note what I did below by using on category, but grouping the 4 quarters for the final year.

This last option will work but for a large model where you might repeat in future years, it might get unwieldy.

Quantrix Administrator Changed status to publish September 23, 2020
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