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Is there a way to turn off word wrap and/or auto-resize?  I have a script that recalls data via a datalink and my script timed out after 25 minutes – most of that time the message on the screen was ‘calculating word wrap’.  I’ve clicked through each part of all of our canvases and haven’t been able to discover word wrap enabled anywhere.

Thanks in advance for your time and any advice!

dh Answered question November 3, 2023

Hi dh,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue. All that’s needed to turn it off is to select the wrapped selection again and hit word wrap again. If you wrapped a whole item, when you select that item again, you should see the word wrap icon with a gray background to indicate that it’s in effect.

Meanwhile, we did discover and fixed a bug in this area – if you have not already, please update your Modeler client to version 23.2.1

If you still experience problems in this area, be sure to head over to support and file a ticket so we can investigate your specific configuration and track progress on a resolution.


Product Management Answered question November 3, 2023
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