The histogram based on two svg-images


Hi all,
Based on the youtube channŠµl video of Smart Modeling Solutions I have created the dashboard part replica. Attached is the anime GIF file only. If anyone is interesting in how it to model let me know and I’ll post the model file.

Tahir Answered question August 28, 2019

James, in original model it is used for data analytics visualization, where user can dynamically form a question and receive an answer in form of ranking which includes budget and actual data. There is no scripting involved. It is a combination of matrices, conditional formatting with transparent icons and fancy formulas. It was a pretty challenging task, but result was good enough and works pretty fast on qloud. You can use any icon you want and scale up as you wish. Unfortunately I cannot share the model, it belongs to customer. But I might talk about it on my training session in October at Quantrix Conference.

Tahir Answered question August 28, 2019
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