The Bubble (2D) chart. How to control the drawing of circles

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Hi All!
Challenge: You want to display three circles with diameters 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0. Using Bubble (2D) we get the following picture:
. Obviously, QM by default draws circles so that their areas are related as squares of diameters, which is true mathematically, but incorrect financially and economically.
Here’s how this problem looks, eg, in Tahir’ video on his YouTube channel:
. You see, the sales of the USA and Germany differ twice. But the areas is four times.
Q1: is it possible to force QM to draw circles so that their areas are visually perceived as relations of given diameters?

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If you combine Bubble (2D) with geographical maps of countries, it is useful to display the centers of circles as well. This will make it easier for the user visually associate a particular circle with its country.
Q3: Is it possible to force QM to display of the bubbles’ centers? – My answer to Q3. Yes, its possible.
Here’s how my solution works:

Pay attention to the UK – center of the circle precisely points to the UK…
As you can see, QM makes it possible to implement more flexible custom Bubble (2D) control algorithms.
Good luck!

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