Tableau and Quantrix Connection

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I would like to know if there is a way to connect the Quantrix model with Tableau. So, when Quantrix model is update I just refresh the Tableau.

QuantrixAuthority Answered question February 19, 2019

This functionality exists under the File–>Export–>Tableau Extract.  I have found this functionality a bit cumbersome because in order to refresh the Tableau Workbook you have to close it (or have it closed) when you push an update from Quantrix.
I have found it best to simply use the File–>Export–>Delimited Text File when linking Tableau to Quantrix.  With this you link the Tableau workbook to the specified CSV file.  Then anytime you wish to refresh you simply export and the linked Tableau workbook can remain open.

QuantrixAuthority Answered question February 19, 2019

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