Support for MacOS running on M1 platforms

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Does Quantrix run on Macs that use the new M1 running MacOS 11 Big Sur?

Will older versions of Quantrix run on M1 Mac?

M1 Mac Mini and M1 MacBook Air have been available since the fall of 2020. As of May’21 the new iMac and smaller MacBook Pro will use the M1.

What is the plan for supporting M1 Mac?

Product Management Answered question October 27, 2021

Hello Lyledp, Thanks for the question. We do not officially support M1 Macs at this time as we don’t have any M1 machines to test compatibility. We would be interested in any anecdotal feedback our users have with using Quantrix of whatever version on M1 Macs. We will support M1 Macs in the future but we do not have a specific plan/timing at this moment. Thanks!

Product Management Answered question June 25, 2021
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