Sum of items: Get sum of all items to calculate one item

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Hi there,

I very often come along this question, which should be simple to answer. Each time I fail. And do an easy workaround. BUT … how can this be done nicely?

Typical examples:

  1. Calculate ratio of total:  Ratio:Item1 = Value:Item1 / sum (All Items)
  2. Re-Scale percentage User-Input to 100%   (My case below)
    Final:Percentage:Comp1 = Unscaled:Percentage:Comp1 / sum (Unscaled:Percentage:AllComponents)
    (I could write all components like “Comp1..Comp7”, but this is not scaling when category grows.)
    I tried – unsucessfully: forcelist ….Any ideas???

Thanks, Gilbert

Gilbert Edited question March 8, 2023

Honestly, this is not a marketing gag. But seems that always if I think hard how I could explain a problem to somebody (e.g. the board), it clears my head and I find the solution. So hope this helps somebody:

The solution is:

in Percentage, Final = Unscaled / sum ( forcelist(Percentage:Unscaled:Comp))

So: all fixed items + the category that should be repeated go into the “forcelist” call.

Easy, no? 🙂


Gilbert Unselected an answer February 9, 2023
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