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In “GWP PCL” matrix of the enclosed model, I have a formula to sum “GWP” data from another matrix (GWP Data Matrix).
The formula is GWP = sum(summary(GWP Calculations::GWP)) using LOB Aggregates::Reporting LOB as Reporting LOB Types, GWP Data Matrix::Year as Year
But the formula does not work, I get a SIZE issue and I am not able to understand why. I would be grateful for help on this.
Thanks a lot

vpluchet Answered question November 14, 2018

A few things,  the summary item generally should be just that a summary with no using as function or anything beyond the simple automated logic ie sum( summary() )
So I think generally the way you use summary here is a misuse.

The #size error may be the 2nd most difficult error to debug for new users.  Utilizing the dependency inspector in debugging is a HUGE help and time saver.

In this particular case you need to create a stand alone formula for GWP outside of what you were trying to do before with  sum(summary).

This formula also needs to have a helper item added to GWP Data Matrix I have called it Reporting LOB Helper.  This points to LOB Aggregates::Reporting LOB.
What this helper formula does is permeates all dimensions of the GWP Data Matrix with the Reporting LOB.
You can then join your table and perform a simple aggregation using Using As.
Note that this Using As links items to categories in the first instance with Reporting LOB
the second instance of Using As links another matrix’s category of year with the category year.  (This may be a bit of a deep dive on this, but traditionally using as links items to categories.  It was not until release 6.2 3 years ago that Quantrix now allows you to link another matrix’s category to category).
I have attached a model and highlighted in Red what I have added.

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