Show Cell Indicators in the Qloud

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I appreciate that we can custom format our cell indicators (input cells in my case).

But how I wish the formatting for cell indicators were available in the Qloud.

Is that an easy enhancement? Or impossible? Or extremely low priority?

Tahir Answered question September 1, 2021

Thank you, it is a good suggestion. I wish Quantrix has some kind list of improvements online, where we can add our suggestions and everyone can vote for them.  There are many things which can be improved on Qloud. For example, formatting – colored or highlighted matrix names, support of popup windows on script run, get the username on Qloud, ideally also role name, but also responsiveness and better rendering while scrolling. But I have to say some issues get resolved, like model starting calculating even if auto-calculation is off. Thank you Shane!

I think cloud is probably a future. Just check how much is invested in excel online in recent years.

Tahir Answered question September 1, 2021