Setting a cell to a fixed value

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I would like to record automatically the date a certain record is created in a cell in Quantrix – like you would do in a database.
To do this I need to be able write (in early times one would have said “poke”) a value into a cell. A script could do it but this would need to be triggered somehow. Is there an internal “poke” function or something similar? Then you could use something like “if(isempty(), poke(date),value).¬†Any suggestions are welcome!

franzs. Answered question November 16, 2023

I do not think now() does recalculate, if the test is false. So it would write time only once. Except if you force recalculate the model, then it will write empty. This is not what you want. So I suggest:

A1:B1 = if(isempty(A1:B1), now(), A1:B1)

Which would write time once (when it’s empty and you force recalculate), but then keeps the value for ever.

Gilbert Answered question January 26, 2023
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