Setting a cell to a fixed value

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I would like to record automatically the date a certain record is created in a cell in Quantrix – like you would do in a database.
To do this I need to be able write (in early times one would have said “poke”) a value into a cell. A script could do it but this would need to be triggered somehow. Is there an internal “poke” function or something similar? Then you could use something like “if(isempty(), poke(date),value).¬†Any suggestions are welcome!

franzs. Answered question November 16, 2023

I am not sure this is possible outside of scripting…I tried this:
= if(isempty(A1), now(), “”)
But now() is a volatile function and recalculates each time the model is forced to recalculate or a cell value changes.

QuantrixAuthority Answered question November 16, 2018
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