Set font and size for all matrices


Hello folks,

I own a qtx model with round about 500 matrices.

I want to set the font and font size for every matrice and its inside in my model. Is there a groovy code or script you can help me with?

I tried | matrices*.fontFace = “Arial” | but it just affects the family name of the matrix.



S A U Answered question April 9, 2024

The largest model I have has those specs:

  1. size on disk … ~113 MB;
  2. number of cells … ~33M (~31M calculated).

The A-script took ~2.5 minutes to change the fonts in this model.

Possible options I see in your situation:

  • increase Script Timeout even more;
  • send me ( your model, I will try to change its fonts and send you it back with recommendations;
  • contact a support.

Good luck.

S A U Answered question April 9, 2024
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