Script to Copy from a Variable Range(Array) and Paste to a Variable Range(Array)


In the attached model I wish to copy from Matrix1::Forecast the cell values to Matrix1::Archive.

This is possible by using the code
But what I’d really like to be able to do is have in Matrix2::To and Matrix2::From respectively be the Item names from Category A in Matrix1 that I can select and have the cell values copied To and From in Matrix1.
For instance, I want to copy values from Forecast to Archive3, or from Archive to Archive2 and I simply want to make my selection in Matrix2 and have the script written in a way that it will do this for me automagically.

Thank you!

S A U Answered question January 24, 2019

QM is very flexible, which makes it possible to solve problems in several ways. Here is the solution of your problem using the method .getSelection() for a given matrix as an object.

S A U Answered question January 24, 2019
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