Script get model name and username on qloud

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1. Now, i get model name on quantrix modeler by use formula is $FileName then get values is valid.
I can get values and valid. But i publish model to qloud then recalculate all on model in case Model Name is missing values.

2. Now, i get usernameĀ on quantrix modeler by use formula is $UserName then values is show username is machine name.
I need a username on the cloud. Not user name on the machine.

From the above problems how can I solve this problem?
In my opinion, I thinkĀ using scripts on button to update will help solve this problem.
But I do not know how to write that script for get values. How do I get the model name and the username on the qloud?

Thank you.

On Quantrix Qloud

On Quantrix Molder

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Thanks for posting and sorry for delays in answers. Scripts on Qloud can sometimes work differently. The UserName really refers to machine name. On your local computer that is fine but on Qloud the machine name = server name. I am not certain on model name so I would have to research that further. Regardless in either case this is an request that I will log in our customer request tracking database.

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