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I want to build a table like the “data table” in Excel. To calculate different scenarios.
i dont like the scenario options of adding a category with different values to calculate the scenario.
rows: EBITDA ( lets say 10; 12; 14)
columns: multiple (6; 7; 8)
is there any function to do that same sensitivity analysis like in Excel? In Excel is very easy. You set the values for roes and columns and the output.

many thanks, Quanters

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Hi SAU!!!!
I attached an excel file to provide you with the output I’m looking for. In the example the calculation is very easy, but in my QM file there many matrixes.
My feeling is i) If I define an scenario, it gives me in QM a row (see highlighted row in the excel and ii) my model gets a little messy in terms of adding many rows for the scenarios.
What I want QM to do is take two inputs, change them within a range and combine each of the values of both. Lets say I have A; B; C; D for Input1 and 1,2,3,4 for Input2. I want A1; B1; C1; D1; A2; B2 and so on.
Take a look at th excel, please. I would love to be able to construct my tables in QM being able to change those 2 variables and make the model run under each assumption.

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