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I want to build a table like the “data table” in Excel. To calculate different scenarios.
i dont like the scenario options of adding a category with different values to calculate the scenario.
rows: EBITDA ( lets say 10; 12; 14)
columns: multiple (6; 7; 8)
is there any function to do that same sensitivity analysis like in Excel? In Excel is very easy. You set the values for roes and columns and the output.

many thanks, Quanters

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Well, Its as easy or difficult as the “data table” function in Excel.
I want to run sensitivities, but the “scenario” systema of adding as many rows as scenarios is not an elegant option. I would like something in line with the excel data table.
I dont really get your idea. My fault. The problem is my model is already a cumbersome combination of matrixes and difficult to sort out as you mentiones.

Anyway, I appreciate your time. 🙂


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