Replace Category when Dragging from Existing to New

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Hey team, here’s another newbie suggestion. It would be great to get feedback and votes if you like it.
It is a common pattern to create a data matrix and then another matrix to hold assumptions/factors etc. related to that first matrix. Quantrix is super cool in that you can drag a category from one matrix to the next to link it. But this is a multi-step process now and I think it could be improved a bit – since this is something you do over and over, the time savings would add up.
If, after creating the assumptions matrix, one could drag the desired category directly on top of the existing default category and have it be replaced this would save time. Also as a new user, this was the expected behavior. What happens now, is that you must drag the category into the empty space next to the existing category and then delete the default one. Of course it makes sense to drag along side if you want to keep the existing.
It does not appear that dragging on top of a category has any existing behavior, so this could be an additional behavior that does not disrupt current workflow. I suppose the downside would be if you dragged on top and deleted something you did not want to delete, but, undo is your friend.

braddo Answered question May 12, 2020

This may work for a brand new matrix, but I would not want this type of behavior for a matrix that I have established categories already in.
Not sure of the frequency or infrequency of needing to remove a category or add a category to a new matrix when I brought in a category from another matrix, so I don’t think there is a huge time/effort savings.
The last thing I would want (not that you suggested it) is a popup or something asking me what I want to do with the category I am dragging in.
Generally, I understand that this may not be as intuitive for a newbie, but I am afraid that it could become way too cumbersome once you get rolling with modeling in Quantrix.

QuantrixAuthority Answered question May 8, 2020
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