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Is there a way to reorder items based on a multi-column sort. I’ve got a list of university courses that belong to departments and in turn faculties. Every so often names change, departments merge and courses can even move departments. I know I can reorder row by row or blocks of rows by using ctrl and the arrow keys but is there a way I can sort my data and then apply it across all views?

I’ve got an attribute matrix where for each row (course) I’ve got columns for department, faculty, level and so on. I can use the multi-sort option to list the courses by faculty>department>level>course and that work great. I go to another matrix and they’re just in the original order.

Any ideas how I can lock in the new order?



Tahir Answered question November 1, 2023

Tagging on a follow-up question: What if we wanted to permanently update the position of an item using a Sort column? Is there a script we could write?

Attached image is the final result I’m looking for. Item positions are changed and no Sort active.

jeffc Answered question October 30, 2023


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