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If ColumnA contains Matrix names, how to reference the matrix with that name in ColumnB in a formula?

ColumnB = ColumnA::rows 1

Similar to using @ for Category names

Problem: for now I have 10 matrices to combine some of their elements into one matrix

S A U Answered question August 19, 2023

Hi Bristly, it is a good question. I understand the pain of doing it one-by-one. The best way would be to find a single source or a single link to all of your tickers. But if you do no want to pay for such service, I think you can use a script. This script can update your data links, loop through all matrices, get necessary data and paste it into summary matrix. Quantrix formula cannot loop through all matrices like that.

Bristly Posted new comment July 13, 2023

I had a multi-ticker method but they started charging $. Guess I’ll live with as many formulas as DataLinks–that is working now. There are no more than 9 tickers and I check it just once a week or less.

Just seems odd to me that a Matrix name cannot be a variable like a @Category

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