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If ColumnA contains Matrix names, how to reference the matrix with that name in ColumnB in a formula?

ColumnB = ColumnA::rows 1

Similar to using @ for Category names

Problem: for now I have 10 matrices to combine some of their elements into one matrix

S A U Answered question August 19, 2023

“combine them all into one matrix…”

That is essentially what I’m trying to do. I grab market data for 10 tickers using a DataLink for each ticker so each each ticker makes it’s own single-row multi-column matrix named for the ticker symbol (best free option I have found for EOD data, unable to use single DataLink for multiple tickers).

Bristly Posted new comment July 12, 2023

Without seeing how you’re getting the EOD data, I’d suggest:
1) Download ticker data to .csv or Excel file
2) Get all the tickers onto a single sheet (use PowerQuery in Excel if necessary) and format as a flat/2d table (Ticker symbol, date, value, etc. as columns across the top)
3) Use Data Import (not DataLink) to bring in all the tickers & data to a single matrix to operate on

If you’re still stuck and want to take a look, feel free to email me

That sounds like a lot of manual work. Trying to automate this inside Quantrix.
DataLink gets one ticker’s data and gives me a row of values, I only want the one number in the 14th column but I bring all the columns in. The row does not contain the ticker so I use the DataLink to create a matrix named after the ticker. That gives me 10 matrices identical in structure with categories Rows and Data but each with a unique name. I’d like to get that data, or just the 14th column, into one matrix associated with the ticker symbol.
Seems like there should be a generic way to collate data from several matrices. Right now I just have one formula for each ticker in a unifying matrix but would rather have just one for when the tickers change.

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