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If ColumnA contains Matrix names, how to reference the matrix with that name in ColumnB in a formula?

ColumnB = ColumnA::rows 1

Similar to using @ for Category names

Problem: for now I have 10 matrices to combine some of their elements into one matrix

S A U Answered question August 19, 2023

Hello Bristly, we would advise not making matrix selection part of your model’s structural design.

If you have multiple matrices with similar structure, sometimes you can combine them all into one matrix with a category shared across the former matrix names. I’d have to learn more about your model and what you are attempting to do. Sometimes your formulas may have to be a little less fancy than you might be hoping to achieve.

It’s also possible that you could join a few matrices/categories together via Data Import from Matrix, but this may not be what you need.


lyndseyweber Answered question July 12, 2023
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