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I am trying to reference month from “Month” matrix but I am getting Syntax error
In Calculation Matrix formula :
In Forecast, Oct ..Month::Ending Month =” ”
What am I doing wrong

braddo Posted new comment July 20, 2020

Yes the range is from Apr to Sep.
I am trying to set the range based on another matrix where I can change the month.


On the left side of the formula you cannot have it reference another Matrix.  A formula is matrix specific.  With your example what you are in effect saying is In Forecast, Oct to  Matrix Month Ending Month Mar which does not make sense.  Hence, a syntax error.

What I think you may be getting at is that you want Forecast to be from Oct to which ever Month is listed in Month::Month Ending, but I’m not sure.

So can you tell us what it is you are trying to do or want to accomplish?

QuantrixAuthority Answered question May 2, 2019
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