Quantrix Version 23.2 Product Release

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PRESS RELEASE: Product Release Notification

PORTLAND, ME – On August 10, 2023, Quantrix released Version 23.2 of Modeler, Qloud and Enterprise Qloud.

There are a variety of new improvements and fixes with this release, so it is recommended that users update their software as soon as possible.

Modeler Highlights:

In prior Quantrix Modeler versions, cell text that exceeds a user-set column width would automatically wrap, but only if the row height allowed multiple lines to be visible. A new Word Wrap feature, when applied to items or groups on a row or column, will automatically adjust the height of the impacted rows and wrap the text so that all text in the cell is always visible. Once set, Word Wrap will continuously adjust (grow or shrink) row heights as cells are edited or formatted. Note that Word Wrap only applies to input, imported or calculated cells that contain text or hyperlinks and does not apply to item names or descriptors and cannot be applied to individual cells or partial item ranges.

Access Word Wrap from the item right-click context menu or the Format Toolbar button.

  • Word Wrap will continue to wrap text and automatically adjust row heights when models are published to Qloud, and text will remain visible when matrices are exported to PDF reports. However, Qloud users cannot apply or remove Word Wrap.
  • In order to make all characters visible Word Wrap may force breaks in the middle of long words or the only time Word Wrap causes breaks in long words or hyperlinks is when the word is too long to fit on its own line.
  • Removing Word Wrap removes row height adjustments that may have been previously set by Word Wrap.
  • If you use non-standard fonts, it is possible the content may wrap with incorrect line spacing and padding when viewed on Qloud.
  • Word Wrap disables Auto-size width for the entire view if you have enabled it (Options/Preferences in Modeler > Matrix).
  • Word Wrap respects any user-set row heights as the minimum below which it should not shrink.
  • When Word Wrap calculates the required row height, it considers the values in filtered, hidden, and collapsed items. Therefore, row heights may appear larger than required to accommodate currently visible values.
  • Changes to row height, column width, text value, or text format cause Word Wrap to recalculate, as can moving a category, pasting data, and performing data operations. Therefore, excessive use of Word Wrap for large matrices may render more slowly.

New cell and item default row heights are now taller by two pixels, and the default minimum row height is 18 px. The new minimum row height affects Word Wrap, when manually setting a height with double-click, and right click > Row Height > Auto-Resize. When removing Word Wrap, the new minimum cell height is respected and will not be reduced below that manually set cell height. When Word Wrap is applied to existing text cells they adjust to the new minimum cell height.

There are many more improvements and fixes! To find out more, you can read the full Modeler release notes here:


Qloud Highlights:

Enterprise Qlouds can now access Qloud models in their web applications without requiring a user to enter an additional login to the Qloud model, provided certain conditions are met. Provided the Qloud is configured for SSO against the same Azure AD as the web application, and provided the user is already authenticated with AD, no additional authentication should be required. If the above conditions are met, SSO-configured Qlouds can append the URL qualifier patterns to Qloud URLs to let users load models directly, without needing to authenticate.

Word Wrap is supported on Qloud: if a model published to Qloud has Word Wrap applied, the word-wrapped rows and/or columns display in the view as they do in Modeler. Word Wrap cannot be added or removed by a Qloud user but Qloud reflects the word-wrapped state and prints to PDF appropriately reflecting word-wrapped content. It is possible there may appear to be anomalies due to the different ways various browsers handle fonts.

Scripts that import data using OAuth are now supported in Automation rules.  For any automation rule that triggers a script in a model (such as data import) where the script needs to access OAuth credentials of the model owner, Qloud attempts to access the OAuth credentials of the model owner. If the OAuth credentials are missing or expired, Qloud notifies the model owner by email, and the model owner can log in to Qloud and re-authorize using a link on the automation page. Qloud re-runs the rule once the model owner re-authorizes.

Note: Admin users cannot perform authorization for rules they don’t own on the system-wide automation list.

For ease of use, the option to Enable Summarizations is now in Admin > Settings > Model Server > Preferences. If the Preferences dialog is not open, click the Edit pencil to open it. The Preference for Enable Summarization defaults to unselected. Click to select the option if you want to see summarizations. Your selection is implemented when it is committed to the server.

Qloud now behaves like Modeler regarding canvas buttons and respects the currently selected view rather than making the canvas the selected view. When a canvas button references a specific view, the canvas button is disabled until the referenced view has the focus (which you can affect by clicking the referenced view in the Model Browser or by clicking the view itself).

When auto-sizing a column of text on Qloud, the result looks similar to Modeler. Qloud shrinks the item to a default of 400px and then wraps.

Text wrapping in all cells where the cell contains text longer than one line and row heights larger than one line now wrap in Qloud as they do in Modeler.

Like Modeler, Boolean constraints is improved and shows check boxes on hover only for cells that are editable if you’ve selected “Show a box only on hover.”

You can read the complete Qloud release notes here:


About Quantrix

Quantrix helps businesses modernize their finance and operational practices, increase efficiency and transform their operations by providing a platform that improves throughput, analytics, traceability and sharing of critical business data and insight.

For any technical questions, please feel free to contact support@quantrix.com. General questions and inquiries can be sent to customerservice@quantrix.com.

Users can also access the Quantrix Help page here.

Thank you for your support of Quantrix!

francois Answered question October 10, 2023

Hi Quantix,

I was wondering if a French version of Version 23.2 existed… we are working with coworkers in France and they would need a French version. Is it possible to switch between English and French in the same version?

Thank you
François Borel, Paris
Flower delivery France

Quantrix Marketing Posted new comment October 26, 2023

Quantrix offers Language Packs. Language packs can be used to display Quantrix Modeler (menus, dialogue boxes, options etc.) in French or Italian. You can read more here: https://quantrix.com/language-packs/

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