Quantrix Version 22.2 Product Release

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Version 22.2 Product Release
PRESS RELEASE: Product Release Notification

PORTLAND, ME – On November 14, 2022, Quantrix released Version 22.2 of Modeler, Qloud and Enterprise Qloud.

There are a variety of new improvements and fixes with this release, so it is recommended that users update their software as soon as possible.

Modeler Highlights:

Quantrix is pleased to introduce major usability improvements in 22.2.0.

The Quantrix Modeler update process includes a major improvement with 22.2.0: Update checks will automatically and seamlessly check the Enterprise Qloud server version using your Qloud URL, and will only update Modeler if your Qloud version is compatible. The new update process resolves the scenario where users update Modeler and then receive a message that the Modeler and Qloud versions are not compatible. In the case where the Qloud URL cannot be reached or does not support the update URL, it will attempt to use the legacy update URL to process updates.

If your Mac device has the Apple-designed M1 chip, you can use the new macOS Modeler installer (the new installer will not run for Macs that use an Intel/AMD chip).

Item Filters

A new and powerful feature, the Item Filter, lets you quickly search, hide, and show, items or groups on a category. This filter control is complementary to the existing filter capabilities, which are now re-named Cell Filters, where their respective names indicate the type of object to be filtered.

The Item Filter icon displays on a category when you hover over it, and when clicked, pops up the new item filter tree. In the tree, you can collapse and expand groups and check or un-check items to hide them from the active view. Items filtered in this way will only be hidden in the current view: other views, including those with a linked category, will not be filtered.

Smart Buttons for Canvas Navigation and Update Data Import(s)

Quantrix Modeler 22.2.0 includes new “smart buttons”, that will reduce the time to build model-based applications. In canvas layout mode, when you click the Add Scripted Button on the Canvas toolbar, the Edit Button dialog now includes new pre-configured options for canvas navigation and updating data imports. These smart buttons do not require the user to write scripts, but the Custom Script > Script Button is still available if you want to write buttons with custom scripts.

There is now a new Boolean input type as configured in Constrained Inputs
In Data > Constrain Input > Boolean when you choose a cell or item(s) and select Boolean constraint the new Boolean options appear:

Users can choose the type of input for the constrained input cell, including the new checkbox method, which allows for fast toggle of the value. Other common Boolean inputs such as “yes/no” etc. plus custom values will show the user a drop down list with those choices. For the check box, users can choose to show the boxes at all times or only on hover, for a cleaner appearance. Boolean constrained inputs can also be based on a formula that resolves to a Boolean but it cannot be empty.

Signing into Salesforce using OAuth is now possible in addition to the previous method of signing in with a user name and password. This capability is distinct from Single Sign-On, but related. It is common that when an organization configures their Salesforce domain to use SSO (for example with Azure AD), they might also disable username and password access. Such a configuration would then make OAuth the only allowed method of connecting to Salesforce data. If the Salesforce instance does still allow username and password access, Quantrix can use either authentication method, which can be especially useful for service accounts using embedded credentials in a script. However, the older method is restricted to query Salesforce table objects.

The new Salesforce access via OAuth allows importing Salesforce reports (which are distinct from Salesforce Tables and other objects). In Data Import > Salesforce you can now select from a list of recently accessed reports in addition to the raw tables. This list can contain up to 200 reports, and can import the data on either a detailed or aggregate level depending on the type of report. The imported data is displays in the Data Import data tree as usual for further configuration. Please note that a user must actually access a report while in Salesforce for it to appear in the recently accessed list! Quantrix does not support Multi-block report formats.

A new Data Import feature lets Modeler users with Data Import permissions hover over any Data Import on the data matrix tab, or in the Data Browser over the query, to see the date last updated once the import has been initially populated or updated.
You can also use a new scripting method, matrix.lastUpdated(), to return the date last updated using a script.

Performance is improved when selecting a large number of cells (many thousands) and changing cell formats, in a large sorted matrix with multiple categories.

There are many more improvements and fixes! To find out more, you can read the full Modeler release notes here:


Qloud Highlights:

OAuth in Modeler and Qloud now supports importing data from other Qloud models where Qloud requires OAuth authentication. OAuth must be configured for the Qloud, the user must have download or checkout access to the model, and both models must be in the same Qloud instance.

Salesforce Data Imports authorized using OAuth are now supported on Qloud. After initially authorizing Salesforce, future Salesforce Data Imports should not require authorization.

The Models List is improved with two new sort options.

The Models List has a new sort option called Recently Accessed that is now the new default sort option. Recently Accessed means it was checked out, checked in, initially published or the current user has opened the model (and possibly closed it after opening) on Qloud. The act of just opening a model moves it to the top of the current user’s list. Please see Understanding the Models Page for more about sorting and how Recently Accessed works.

The Models List also includes a new sort option called Last Modified that lets you sort the model list by Last Modified date. Last Modified allows you to see changed models at the top of your models list. Please see Understanding the Models Page for more about sorting and how Last Modified works.

The new Item Filter is supported on Qloud and users can see and use the filter icon on the Category tile as they do in Modeler provided they have adequate permissions. Differences in behavior from Modeler include the following. Filter selections do not update until the user submits them by using the Submit button or by clicking outside the filter tree. Due to the multi-user nature of most Qlouds, when a Qloud user makes filter selections and Submits or clicks away to save them, the user’s filter selections are saved on the server and after closing the model, will show for other users if they open the model.

Unlike Modeler, Qloud currently shows the filter icon only on the Category tile and not on the matrix tabs or in the model browser.

Automation is significantly improved with the Run Rule Now button, which you access from Rule details. You can use Run Rule Now at any time, on any rule you created, and if you have Admin permissions, you can use Run Rule Now on other user’s rules.
Run Rule Now lets you build a rule and test it immediately, as well as at any time, irrespective of whether the rule is enabled. If the rule fails to run, you can hover to see the reason it failed, rectify it, and Run Rule again. Please see the Run Rule Now section in Using Automation for details.

You can read the Qloud release notes here:


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