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Dear all,

I’ve created a Bubble chart.

For the X axis, the minimum value is -4 and the maximum value +4
For the Y axis, the minimum value is -4 and the maximum value +4.

I’d like to create a horizontal line at value 0 and a vertical line also at value to separate my gchart into 4 quadrants.

How can I do this?

Thanks for your help.

Have a nice day


Gilbert Answered question November 14, 2023

Hey, Denis.

I’ve simulated the solution to your problem with a combination of three components:

The first component is a bubble plot with X-, Y-axes off; the second one is for the X-axis with the Y-axis off; the third one is for the Y-axis with the X-axis off. The main point here: correctly set up the X-, Y-axes for the three components of the composition and position the components relative to each other.
I hope this gives you the nourishment you need to get the results you want.
PS. Attaching model file bans Quantrix forum: or just for me, or for everybody, I don’t know. So if you need the model file, send me a request to sealur@gmail.com.

Good luck

S A U Answered question September 22, 2023