QM’s quasi-Problem: Value not found in list of acceptable values

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Hi all
Challenge. Let’s suppose we want to restrict the selection of options in the drop-down list by hiding the options that were previously selected. For example, if we are assigning employees to duty by day of the week, we do not want to assign the same employee twice.
The algorithm for solving such problems is based on two lists. The first list of options is basic and unchanged. The second list is derived from the first one and is variable according to the number of available options.
Here is my example of implementing such case in QM.

As you can see, when an employee is assigned to the office as a duty worker, the latter is excluded from the list of available employees. QM marks this situation as a Constrain Input violation, which confuse model users. This is technically correct QM behavior, but logically it is incorrect. It is obvious that for such situations the comparison should be organized with the Original list, rather then with the Derived list. Then there will be no violation of the Constrain Input.
The Question: is there a way to bypass the illogical Constrain Input violation?

S A U Posted new comment September 25, 2020

Nice example! Very cool how you can make Q do that.

Tom, thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it.


Here’s my answer. One way to resolve this situation may be a small modification of the Constrain InputDynamic List option:

The user gets the opportunity to set a complete list of the original selection options for comparison and a Constrain Input violation is excluded.
Good luck.

S A U Answered question August 20, 2020

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