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For brand new clients, I create a lot of HLPs (high-level planning) at the CEO level just to start the right questions on direction and adjustments.

The Qloud is mostly frustrating because the browser does not pick up on formatting rendered from the desktop version.

Here is one example, the desktop version:

And here is what the Qloud version looks like – unfortunately, I would never show this to a client –

Even the lines are not even.

And now the question: Is this just a Mark thing? Am I messing up, or do you deal with this, too? What is a good/simple resolution (lowering my presentation standards is not one of them)?

mgandy Answered question April 8, 2024

Hi Mark, I think the reason of all of these problems is using lines. Because of that I avoid using lines. One workaround, albeit time-consuming and not scalable, would be putting matrix several times on canvas, below each other with a gap. In each copy of matrix you will need to collapse others. Then you can simulate lines between. You will spend a lot of time doing that, but probably you will not lower you presentation standards.

Tahir Answered question March 23, 2024

Hello Mark!

I see two problems here that I encountered back in 2014 in the export-import operations of the model to and from Excel. The font size always didn’t match. Just like in your picture. I found the solution as follows: in the modeler, I increased the font size by 4-5 units (it depends on the font type) and, accordingly, the new font size should increase the height of the rows of matrices. Maybe this solution will also help in your case when publishing the model to Qloud.

As for the lines, try to increase the thickness of the lines in the modeler. Maybe this will help to achieve the desired kind of matrices in Qloud.

Good luck

S A U Answered question March 22, 2024

Hi @mgandy – Due to technical differences between the web and desktop environments, certain features present more difficulty in achieving parity than others, and line formatting is one of these. We appreciate your feedback. It has been shared with the team.

Quantrix Marketing Answered question March 22, 2024

Tahir, thank you! Yes, I plan on doing that (the canvas route), but sometimes I get lazy.

SAU – I had not thought of doing that – thanks for the tips (or should we call that a hack?).

Quantrix Marketing – I hope this can be a priority as all of us are aware of the technical differences of the two products.

mgandy Answered question April 8, 2024

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