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Model size is about 1Mb. Still by opening stucks for couple of minutes by “loading visual components”..sometimes simply crashes..After opening model works pretty normal. What could be a reason behind such a long loading visual components?

Tahir Answered question March 12, 2019

UPDATE. If you have model loading problem you just need to close matrices and views. If all matrices and views are open model loads longer both in Modeler and Qloud. Great advise from Mike.

Tahir Answered question March 12, 2019

Before running the A-Script You must first set the value of Tools-Options-Scripting-Script Timeout to 6000 seconds. This defaults to 60 seconds. The value in Script Timeout is the number of seconds any A-Script can run before it times out.

S A U Edited answer March 11, 2019

Very interesting experiment. How could you even run this script, I have got an error message “timed out after 60 sec”. I was also surprised that loading time of my model with the size less that 1mb was so long. I had to split the model. Of course, on the Qloud it takes even longer. I just wonder what is the reason behind that and what would be the solution.

Tahir Answered question March 10, 2019

Here is the result of my experiment on the topic under discussion. I wrote a script to create
100 matrices + 10 views/matrix + 500 presentations
Each matrix has one empty cell, no formulas, no links.
The total execution time of the script is ~ 11 minutes (this is very much for an advanced software package). Saved the file (550 Kb), closed it.
And then the most interesting thing: the advanced software package, which is much better than other outdated competing programs, took 33! minutes to reopen this empty file.
Here is the script itself, I wonder: what results of its work you will get.
** The script worked 11 minutes !!!
matrices.each {
………for (i = 0; i <= 10; i++) {
Win7 x64 8 GB

braddo Posted new comment July 20, 2020

Very interesting experiment. I was also surprised by such a long loading time of my less that 1mb file on the computer with the latest hardware. I had to split the model. Of course, loading the model on the Qloud is even longer.


Thank you for comments. As I mentioned earlier, the model calculation is not a problem, it works pretty fast. The problem is the opening the model file which takes longer than I expected for 1mb file. It has a few summaries and no eclipses or recursions. The correlation between the opening time and number of cells, categories, matrices, items is most likely a reason rather than file size. Not all formulas are written, I think that is the reason of large number of input cells. I have also increased max memory, but it does a moderate impact only.

Tahir Answered question March 9, 2019

Rich recently answered a similar question. Maybe the reason is the logic of the model (many recursions, summaries, eclipses):
By the way, who can manually enter 11.5 million values ​​into the model? Obviously, the statistics dialog is outdated and needs to be rewritten. Here most of the Input cells are actually imported from external sources, aren’t they? Therefore, they should be marked and distinguished: Imported vs Inputted [For example, Imported: 11,617,200 | Inputted: 235].

S A U Answered question March 7, 2019

Thank you for your recommendations. Obviously, slow loading of model file is something to do with number of elements, i.e. model statistics, not with the file size..Here is the statistics of the model that loads for about a minute..Is it normal such a slow loading with this kind of model statistics?

Tahir Answered question March 7, 2019

Addition. If you need to work with several QM-models, the largest of them is better to open first.

S A U Answered question March 6, 2019

If you are using Windows, then try first to close as many applications as possible and again open both QM and this QM model. It may turn out that your other open applications have taken a lot of memory for themselves and are hanging inactive. When you open a QM model, Windows frees RAM into the swap file on the HDD from inactive applications and tries to give RAM for QM. The swap process is slow, which you observe in the message.

braddo Posted new comment July 20, 2020

The Addition. If you need to work with several QM-models, the largest of them is better to open first.

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