Processing of Cyrillic information in QM.


Hello QM developers.
For your information.
Firstly, since 2013 the official symbol of the Russian ruble is (U20BD). This symbol is present in such fonts: Arial, Roboto, Times New Roman, Microsoft Sans Serif, Tahoma, Cambria, Calibri, Consolas, Segoe UI and many others. In this regard, the designation in QM of the official symbol of the Russian ruble as ‘руб.-Russian (Russia)‘ is obsolete. If you will replace ‘руб.-Russian (Russia)‘ with ‘₽-Russian (Russia)‘, it will correspond to the real situation.
Secondly, QM19.1.0 and QM19.1.1 have imported Cyrillic tables correctly from any sources. However, QM19.2.0 and QM19.3.0 do not recognize Cyrillic characters when importing from any sources. See figure below.

I hope this information will be useful and help you to make QM better and more reliable.

S A U Answered question February 26, 2020

Thanks for your feedback.  I have a couple of questions to ask to better diagnose the issue.
What operating system are you using?
Are the OS region settings Russian?
You can also check the Quantrix Preferences (Options) under the International settings and check “Use system fonts …” to see if that resolves the problem.
Thank  you

brian cabana Answered question November 14, 2019
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