Pareto – 80/20 Rule

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Dear all,
What is the best practice for calculation Pareto (80/20 Rule) with matrix in appendix.
Note that several amounts are the same.
Thanks for your help.

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Hi all!
Denis, look at my version of the model on your data. Since your sales data are not normalized, I have cut off negative, zero and very small sales values ​​by means of the parameter: the lower sales bound (LSB). Try these LSB‘s values: ​​1000, 5000, 10000, 15000, – and look at the changes in the chart and statistics. The main question of the model is: how many customers with positive sales give a total of 80% of revenue.
The Pareto Chart is based on a special matrix.
For convenience, I’ve created two perspectives, switch between them.
Good luck.

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