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We recently released Version 21.2.2 of Quantrix which includes improved scripting and scripting documentation. You can begin taking advantage of these today.

Quantrix scripting already has great contextual access to properties and methods (just hit CTRL+Space while in the script editor), but for those who want a more comprehensive view, and to see what’s possible outside of Modeler, we now offer a complete online reference (QM-24430). The new documentation is easy to use and navigate, with user concepts linked to their respective methods and properties. For example, if you click “Category”, you will see all available methods for every class, and if you click one of the classes, such as for Category background, or font style, more information displays. If you click on an entry that is covered in the Groovy documentation, or is a Java type, we conveniently link you to those respective external sources of documentation.

Scripting Documentation:

Read more about scripting:

– The Quantrix Team

Quantrix Marketing Edited question March 14, 2022