Models saved in v22.2 backwards compatible?

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Certain models saved in v22.2.0 can\’t be opened by users still using v22.1.2. Is there a setting to change or filtering that needs to be removed to be compatible?

Product Management Answered question January 11, 2023

Hi Jeff,

Are you working on Windows? And sometimes you say you can open an V22.2 saved model on a V22.1.2 version?

I’m working on Mac (M1-version), and model saved in V22.2 can NEVER be opened in V22.1.2 again, even if there was NO modification in the file other than opening and saving in V22.2.

I understand that there must be file format changes sometimes. But if there is a backward incompability, it would be good practice to alert users before they destroy backward compability!


jeffc Posted new comment January 26, 2023

Yes, working in windows. We didn’t run into compatibility issues when upgrading to 22.1.2 and I couldn’t find any mention in the Release notes explicitly stating 22.2 isn’t backwards compatible.

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