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I have a model which is not big (the main data table has around 10,000 records) but which is already a bit slow. For instance if I add a row into the “Adjustments GWP Assumptions” matrix and enter some data, there is a definite latency. Likewise if I change the number format in the GWP PCL table, it takes 1-2 seconds.
I suspect the problem is due to the heavy usage of the function Sum(Summary….) USING… AS. In the main calculation matrix, called “GWP Calculations”, the item “Adjustments” is fed from the “Adjustments GWP Assumptions” matrix through such a function. The role of “Adjustments GWP Assumptions” is to define a number of exceptions to the general growth formula used in the “GWP Calculations” matrix. There are currently 44 such adjustments, which is not many, but all the cells in the “GWP Calculations” are looking for the existence (or not) of an adjustment and I believe this is what is slowing down the model.
So I believe I need to use a different logic and discontinue the use of Sum(Summary….) USING… AS in this case. However, I do not know how else I can feed the adjustments into the “GWP Calculations matrix”. Would anybody have a suggestion?
Due to size 5MB, the model is in Dropbox:
Thanks a lot in advance

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Dear Rich,
Many thanks for your answer, these are very helpful tips. And I’ll get rid of the annoying summaries indeed.
I’ll try to think of a better way to input the adjustments as well.
Many thanks for your help

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