Manually added items to a category generated by DataNAV – how to manage?

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I’d like to be able to better differentiate between items in a category populated by DataNAV vs ones I manually add/modify, including Summary items. I don’t see any way of “locking down” a DataNAV category to prevent user edits either.
I would like to avoid confusion whereby I (or other users) make changes to certain rows that get wiped out upon next DataNAV refresh, while other rows remain untouched. I also foresee an issue whereby I need to “clean up” / delete the manually added items from a DataNAV-populated category but I can’t easily identify the origins of each item. Some suggestions for new features:

  • Visual indicators per category would be very helpful (for instance, 3 indicators: DataNAV imported, unmodified; DataNAV imported, modified; manually added)
  • Option to allow/disable changes to DataNAV items and values
  • Option to allow/disable manual insertions of items into DataNAV categories
  • Option to add Summary items to DataNAV categories even if other manual insertions are not allowed

Are there any workarounds/hacks at present that would serve similar purposes as the above proposals?

jlin Asked question November 28, 2018