List all matrices in a folder

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does anyone know if & how one can get a list all matrices in a folder of the model tree? The background is, that I would like to update DataLinks for selective groups which are already logically created by which folder they are in…

thanks, cherrytree

Gilbert Posted new comment May 9, 2024

P.S.: Are you aware of the Idea portal, where you can post enhancement requests?



I’m just struggeling with a similar problem, wanting to create matrices in a folder structure by script. And yes, it’s not possible to read/write the folder structure, or create folders and the like by script. From my point of view, it would be a sensible feature request.


Gilbert Answered question April 27, 2024

Hi, there is no way to manipulate folders via script. I think one workaround would be to have some tag (letters or numbers) in the name of import matrices, then run matrices loop to find matrices that contain this tag and run data update script only on them.


Tahir Answered question April 25, 2024