Linked Category Limit in Matrix??

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Hi All, we are doing some financial scenario planning and when we drag all the different variables (linked categories from other matrix’s) into the master matrix to run different scenarios, we are finging the different categories start slipping off the screen.
Is there anyway to have more than 1 row of categeories up the top of a matrix? Or anyway to fit a large number of these in a matrix.
Any help with this would be much appreciated.

jmcfarlane Asked question January 11, 2019

Hi Josh,
Currently there is no way to expand the filter tray area at the top of a matrix however I can suggest a few (non-optimal) workarounds:

  1. Collapse other side tabs such as model browser (Shortcut toggle: F6) and format Toolbox (F3), as well as other tabs you may have open. This should maximize your horizontal space
  2. Consider adjusting the resolution of your display (for Windows: Change Display Setting >Scale and Layout)
  3. See if you can make the names of categories/items shorter, to again save horizontal space.
  4. Consider if you need all the categories on the filter tray – perhaps have a few different views of the matrix with different category layout configurations.

Whilst I appreciate these workarounds are certainly not optimal, I hope these can help you achieve a workaround.

Kind Regards,