Is there any way to get user role (not user name)?

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Is there any way to get user role (not user name)? Probably it possible only with script. Any idea?

Tahir Answered question March 9, 2019

If I understand Tahir correctly, he believes it would be easier to maintain a model where a single one matrix presents differently (w/ rows & columns filtered depending on user role) versus creating a table view for each role. With multiple table views, any time formatting is updated, multiple views would need to be updated, whereas with a single view, the update only needs to happen one time. If multiple tables needed to have role-based views, the “single table view per role, per matrix” option would create even more maintenance work.
The advantage of role-based filtering becomes even more pronounced if multiple matrices need to present role-based views, and they happen to share the same Categories. Then a single formula that sets defines which Items match the filter could be shared among all the matrices that need to present role-based views.
If Table Views could somehow “inherit” formatting from one another, the “table view per role” might be easier to maintain, but I think it probably would still be more difficult to maintain than the filter technique.

jlin Answered question March 7, 2019
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