Is there any way to get user role (not user name)?

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Is there any way to get user role (not user name)? Probably it possible only with script. Any idea?

Tahir Answered question March 9, 2019

Let say we have a category items A and B. I would like Qloud user with Role 1 can see only item A, user with Role 2 only item B. If I have role name i can assign filter using expression. If the user with the Role 1 logged in he will see only A. It could be useful if we have one view where both users entering data. In this case we do not need to create 2 separate Views for each user and set permissions to open component accordingly. Hope it is clearer, it is rather hypothetical case, I do not have model. The question is what happens if both of them simultaneously working on the same matrix?

Tahir Answered question February 28, 2019
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