Is a Quantrix Modeler version for MacOS running natively on M1 platforms currently planned?

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Hello everybody.

I would like to go back to a question posed by Lyledp more than one year ago in this forum 

I am currently using Quantrix Modeler on two mac M1 machines (Mac mini and Macbook Pro 2021) with no problems. However, I am wondering whether running QM with a specific java JRE for M1/ARM chips (without resorting to Rosetta on an Intel JRE, as is the case now) may increase computation speed.

If I am not wrong, QM currently uses Amazon Corretto 8 JDK (embedded in the app package).

I have checked that there is a version of Amazon Corretto 8 for M1/Arm Mac:

Is there any plan about a QM version compiled and executing in such M1-specific java environment?


Gilbert Posted new comment January 26, 2023

Just successfully installed M1, the App now correctly shows “Apple Chips” in the application information screen.

I did some performance measurements on my Monte-Carlo-Simulations: the speed increase is roughly a factor of “2”. Not the hopped for factor “4”, but still a very significant improvement.

Can’t yet judge the stability improvement, but so far no issues.

Many thanks to all the people who made this possible.



I have just updated QM to 22.2.0.

I really appreciated the amazing new features in this version. In the update process, I downloaded the installer for Intel chips:


Is the announced native installer for M1 machines already available? Thanks!

lerzegov Answered question November 15, 2022
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